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  1. I have a set of those RunWay Lights from TARGET I bought awhile back. When I was taking them off the roof one year they slipped and broke one of the sets. I glued them together and a few lights are blown. I tried replacing them with 3.5 Volt mini's I bought from Walmart but they won't light. If I move working lights into the non working sockets they work. So I am assuming I need the right Volt light but don't know what to look for? AnyOne Know what I need for replacement bulbs?
  2. Made this 9 channel snowman. Running on vixen and ren 24's.
  3. Noisy like a Christmas display brings? Can't really complain when doing the same thing
  4. My 5 neighbors all complained I didn't run the display this year LOL. So now I have to dream up something new for next year.
  5. There are headaches when doing DIY believe me LOL. If I could go back to LOR I would. But I am dedicated now to my DIY equipment. I use the ren 24's so for around $80.00 I get 24 channels where with a LOR for $100.00 I think you get 16 channels with the PC board. So you can see I gain more channels but also headaches LOL. I also had to buy a PIC programmer where you can just Flash with LOR thru your computer. With the support from LOR and the cheaper PC board if I could do it again I would of stayed with LOR.
  6. You can also use clear MINI's and paint them with stain glass paint.
  7. My neighbors all complained I didn't decorate this year LOL. At least she was trying to be helpful. I am always nice and pretend to listen no matter who it is.
  8. After a hard days work I can see the guys point. He wants in his driveway for a house he pays for. Why does everyone make it look like he is the problem?
  9. Always wanted to make a carolers seen but never got around to it yet. Nice work.
  10. Keep an eye on your wire this year! Some people already started chopping wire from a display in CT. They are after the copper.
  11. I did all my frames with a 20 OZ framing hammer and rocks and trees. The benders make life easier but it can be done without them. Hardest part would be making a circle.
  12. Anyone remember the guy that made the dancing/marching Frosty the snowman? Was there ever a thread on how he built it? Would be interesting reading.
  13. Is your case of gold lights still available?

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