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  1. My Walmart has cases and cases. I was there the other day and they hardly had any. Seems like someone must have found them in the stockroom.
  2. I grabbed another 7500 multi incans at Walmart for $1.25/box tonight.
  3. I did ok. Bought 64 boxes of clear incan 100 count last week at $2.50. Got Home Depot to honor the sale price from today so ended up paying $1.25/box. Purchased another 54 boxes this a.m. HD had 50 count multis for 2.93 so I picked up 26 of those. Got the 180 count C3 leds at Sam's. And a big 21" fiber optic ornament too! lol I also have 40 boxes of 100 count multi incans on the way from HD from last week. I had a coupon which made them the same price as today.
  4. I got about 5 inches of heavy snow overnight and everything is still standing.
  5. Grand Island, NY (Buffalo) Show has been running for 2 nights so far. 64 channels, 15000 lights.
  6. I think they'll look good when they get in the yard. They are 70ft. from the street so I can use the brightness.
  7. I decided to re wrap mine. I figured they'd show more light without the garland. I wrapped from top to bottom and added 1 more string. Each of mine have 300 red, 300 white and 300 green incans. They are considerably brighter now.
  8. Between yesterday and today I picked up 2500 red, 2500 green and 6000 clear minis. Red and green from Lowes and clear from Valu home centers which is in NY and PA. I bought them all at regular price (Less than $3 per box). I know they will go fast so I got them now and can live with the price.
  9. I went over the border yesterday to Canada and picked up a bunch of icicle lights I needed. Nothing here in my area.
  10. Mine was just a static display this year but I took it all down today. No real snow here in Buffalo yet so I figured we are due and I would take advantage.
  11. Picked up 3800 mini 100ct. from 3 different Target stores. No green to be found.
  12. Very cool! The closet thing I have is 200 LEDs on my Harley. lol
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