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  1. My Wal Mart honored Lowe's 50% off sale. Either take a sales add to show them or a picture with your cell phone. Can't hurt to ask.
  2. My Home Depot honored Lowe's 50% off sale. Either take a sales add to show them or a picture with your cell phone.
  3. Well after going to 3 different Lowe's today and finding no L.E.D.'s i decided to go to Wal Mart. I talked to the customer service manager and showed her a picture of the Lowe's sign stating that all there Christmas stuff was 50% off Then I showed her a receipt79 E Park Pl from Home Depot showing they took 50% off my light purchase. Than I asked if Wal Mart would do a price match and sure enough they did. Wal mart gave me the 50% without a problem. Bought 100 boxes of L.E.D.s went back to customer service were they rang them up and out the door i went. So just remember it can not hurt to a
  4. Depending how windy your area is you might need to use a guy wire strait up and down so it will not blow all over the place
  5. I am using schedule 40 pvc. I am just used to calling it drain pipe or sewer pipe. You are right about drainage pipe to thin for the weight and to cold
  6. I spent about 25.00 for a 15ft tree and about 18.00 each for 2 10 ft trees. I bought 4 10ft X 4inch pvc drain pipe, 1 4 inch pvc coupler, 3 toilet flanges, Some red duct tape to candy cane them, 3 5ft fence posts, plywood that i had laying around 3 10ft lengths of 3/4 inch of electrical pvc 12 1 inch plumbing tees and 3 10ft lengths of 1 inch pvc water supply. First i installed the fence post then put a small piece of plywood on the ground. on the 10 ft pvc i drilled 4 holes about 8ft high for the guy wires and on the 15ft one i did it about 11ft up. I zipped tied the pipe to the fence post ma
  7. WOW Jeffery you really stepped it up from last year. Looks really good i guess i need to step up my display. For the last 5 years i was the only one within an 90 minute drive that had a synchronized display. If you don't mind i will be in the Bingamton area in the next 2 weeks so if a fat guy in glasses stops by ( NOT SANTA) that will be me. I will make sure i tell all my friends in that area to go check it out.
  8. Hello! Norwich NY. In the house. Been along time since i posted still getting used to the new forums.
  9. Last year Wal Mart at there 50% sale. The wife and i were looking thru everything and noticed 2 end caps with mini lights on them and had a big price sign on top that stated 10 Cents each. We grabbed every box they had except for maybe 10 beat up boxes and went to the register. Of course they tried to say the price was wrong so i asked for the manager and we walked back to the end caps together. He tried top apologize for the inconvenience and said that the best he could do was 60% off. My reply was very polite and calm the end cap says 10 cents a box and thats what i plan to pay. It took them
  10. Lowe's here was the best on the 26th everything was 75% off and if you spent 50.00 bucks you got a 10.00 $ coupon for your next purchase. The wife and i spent over 600.00 $ dollars at 3 different Lowe's 60.00 dollars at a time. Rite Aid also was 75% off here in upstate New York. The best deal at Rite Aid was a 4 pack of extension cords for 2.47 a set. Only about 10 or 15 sets of LEDS between them all. Friday we had to go to Philadelphia and stopped at a Sears in Dickson city Pa and found over 100 boxes of LEDS hidden behind some display items. Needless to say we bought them all at 6.00$ a set.
  11. I run 8 extension cords across my driveway. What i did is spaced them 1/2 inch apart taped them down about every foot. Then i went to Lowes and bought a 16 foot length of heavy duty carpet runner about 45.00. Has worked out great so far this year.
  12. BB Gun just kidding. Maybe get one of those humanetraps to get him and drop him off a few miles away.
  13. I have a new neighbor that moved in right before Halloween. While my wife took our 2 kids around the block for trick or treating sheran into the wife and her 2 kids. So the 6 of them walked around the block talking while the kids did there thing. Once the new neighbor realized who my wife was she said " I hope you liked having the biggest display because my husband is gonna beat you guysnext year " So when the group got back to our house she repeated that statement. My reply great i am looking forward to a little moor Christmas spirit around here and if your husband needs any help just give me
  14. Try this website. http://www.guineapigcages.com/where.htm
  15. I had a power problem this year as well. I needed to have everything up and running by the 22nd even thought my show does not go live until the 25th ( was leaving to visit family for Thanksgiving ). 90% done at 9:00 pm i realized i was to circuits short. Ran toLowes bought 2 more GFCI's and what ever else i needed. I finished and tested my first full show at 3:30 am. ThankGod everything worked like planed. The best part was whenwe got back the neighbors were telling me we had 60 mph wind gusts and all i had to fix was 1 blowup.
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