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    recently divorced mother with 8yo daughter. She told me the lights at Christmas got her through the season. They came every night for 3 weeks, exactly at 6:30pm. Watched entire 1 hour show.
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  1. i changed your password to welcome1 on www.nutcracker123.com/forum

    login name is ccrowder


    your secret question

    "What does r mean in rgb?", answer red


    change your password after you log in.

    it shows you registered on 9/16



  2. I s there a free download of xlights that I can use  thank you Blair

  3. I think one of the most important factors that gets skipped is how much investment users have made in their sequencer. i really dislike new developers (like me) who come out with a new program and say it has all these wonderful, cool things. There is a saying we have in the industry "You always introduce a defect when you solve one". xlights/nutcracker is cool. it scales to 60K channels, it makes rgb effects easy to create, it is free. Nutcracker uses less than 100 mbytes of memory and 25% of a single cpu even on 30K channel shows. Matt Brown has probably made the most efficient sequenc
  4. There were certain LOR lms files that could cause the conversion to crash xlights. Dan Kulp has fixed that condition. XLIGHTS/NUTCRACKER RELEASE NOTES: http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/ 3.3.2 -Bug fix (dkulp): When importing LOR *.lms files, certain missing data would cause a crash. conversion now fills in any of those missing parameters and conversion completes.
  5. New release of xlights/nutcracker version 3.3.1 XLIGHTS/NUTCRACKER RELEASE NOTES: http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/ 3.3.1 -Enhancement (djulien): change "Overlay" to "Persistent" for clarity; -Bug fix(djulien): save/restore value within XML -Enhancement (sean): add "1 reveals 2", "2 reveals 1" as new layer methods -Endhancement (dkulp): Don't assume LOR units are 16 channels to try and convert CCR based sequences.
  6. I have finished this new layer mode. Before i release it, what should i call it? Image effect 1 is butterfly, effect 2 is curtain. Here were the 4 existing combo's 1 is Mask. This layering will draw a black cell on effect 2 every time effect 1 is non black. In other words effect 1 is cast as a shadow on effect 2 2 is Mask. This layering will draw a black cell on effect 1 every time effect 2 is non black. In other words effect 2 is cast as a shadow on effect 1 1 is unmask. This layering will replace any cell in Effect 1 with the color from effect 2 every time effect 1 is non black
  7. Is anyone using Pangolin QS software to create laser light shows? This software can create new effects (things like open an image file and it will find the edges of color), create animations with frames. It has more options that nutcracker and more options than madrix. $580 from ebay. http://www.amazon.com/Pangolin-Quickshow-version-software-package/dp/B006IUXJMW If you search for ILDA lasers (meaning they can read in these binary files to play a show and look for DMX controlled lasers), you can build your own show. There is a standard used by lasers called the ILDA (International Lase
  8. very cool! i actually dont get much feedback about people using xlights/nc in their shows. it is nice hearing that it worked for people
  9. Someone asked where i post Nutcracker information. well .. these are the forums i post to first the ones that dont have a nutcracker section LOR: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/forum/25-the-coffee-shop/ LSP: http://lightshowpro.com/tips-tricks/ PC: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forum/208-rgb-based-lights/ and then forums where i have a dedicated nutcracker space DLA: http://diylightanimation.com/index.php?board=48.0 DIYC.org: http://www.diychristmas.org/vb1/forumdisplay.php?57-Nutcracker DIYC: http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?102-Nutcrack
  10. tapatalk has been installed so i am ready to announce we now have created a forum setup for just talking about xlights/nutcracker. http://nutcracker123.com/forum I will make sticky posts on this forum to keep information at the top of each thread. Things like how to fill in the STEUP,TEST, CONVERT tabs and such. http://nutcracker123.com/forum/ Why? I make lots of posts. I will be able to make even more on this new forum. I sometimes feel like my posts are spam in the non-specific forums i post to. LOR, Planet Christmas, LSP do not have Nutcracker specific areas. On those forums i generat
  11. Tutorial for Jan 9th is posted. This was an introduction to xLights/Nutcracker thanks sean
  12. i am editing the video now. i hopr to have it posted by this weekend
  13. First; Tutorial this week is for brand new people! I will start from the very beginning for xlight/nutcracker newbies When: Thursday, Dec 9th. 7pm MST, 9pm EST We will be using teamviewer. Ill start session at 6:45pm MST Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link: http://go.teamviewer.com/v8/m93271823 Meeting ID: m93-271-823 If you have a headphone click on the "Voice over IP" on the Teamviewer menu and unmute your headphone to be able to ask questions. After my teamviewer fills up (We can have 25 viewers) we are setting up a second teamviewer for the overflow. Dave Pitts wi
  14. Some users created a facebook group to focus on Xlights/Nutcracker. https://www.facebook.com/groups/577818958965269/ go there and join up if you would like... sean
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