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  1. i changed your password to welcome1 on www.nutcracker123.com/forum

    login name is ccrowder


    your secret question

    "What does r mean in rgb?", answer red


    change your password after you log in.

    it shows you registered on 9/16



  2. I think one of the most important factors that gets skipped is how much investment users have made in their sequencer. i really dislike new developers (like me) who come out with a new program and say it has all these wonderful, cool things. There is a saying we have in the industry "You always introduce a defect when you solve one". xlights/nutcracker is cool. it scales to 60K channels, it makes rgb effects easy to create, it is free. Nutcracker uses less than 100 mbytes of memory and 25% of a single cpu even on 30K channel shows. Matt Brown has probably made the most efficient sequencer/player out there. It is this light weight approach that allows the pi player to run on a 700mhz cpu and 512mbyte raspberry pi and run 30K channels. These are the good things. Here are the bad things * you have to learn yet another software program. new screens, new terms. it takes users 3-6 months to get proficient with a software package. This cost is something the poor user has to bear to switch between software programs. * nutcracker is not integrated into LOR. So export your sequence, add stuff and then import back. This is inefficient, not user friendly. * nutcracker does not have a grid that makes it easy to set individual lights like LOR, Vixen, LSP or HLS. * I am not happy with the UI. My wish is that xlights would look like a video editor, one track for each model. drop a spiral and then drag it left and right. Have the waveform shown on the timeline .etc. I would also mention in sequencers Vixen 2.1 Vixen+. This is Macebobo's upgrade of Vixen 2.1. This has Nutcracker effects built into it. Vixen 3. Great UI, maybe one of the most intuitive. Has Nutcracker effects built into it. Needs a large machine (4-8 cpus and 4-8 gigs of RAM to get the most out of it. So, All sequencers have their strengths and weakness. I am happy to see LOR adding RGB support, they have a great sequencer and it will become better.
  3. There were certain LOR lms files that could cause the conversion to crash xlights. Dan Kulp has fixed that condition. XLIGHTS/NUTCRACKER RELEASE NOTES: http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/ 3.3.2 -Bug fix (dkulp): When importing LOR *.lms files, certain missing data would cause a crash. conversion now fills in any of those missing parameters and conversion completes.
  4. New release of xlights/nutcracker version 3.3.1 XLIGHTS/NUTCRACKER RELEASE NOTES: http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/ 3.3.1 -Enhancement (djulien): change "Overlay" to "Persistent" for clarity; -Bug fix(djulien): save/restore value within XML -Enhancement (sean): add "1 reveals 2", "2 reveals 1" as new layer methods -Endhancement (dkulp): Don't assume LOR units are 16 channels to try and convert CCR based sequences.
  5. I have finished this new layer mode. Before i release it, what should i call it? Image effect 1 is butterfly, effect 2 is curtain. Here were the 4 existing combo's 1 is Mask. This layering will draw a black cell on effect 2 every time effect 1 is non black. In other words effect 1 is cast as a shadow on effect 2 2 is Mask. This layering will draw a black cell on effect 1 every time effect 2 is non black. In other words effect 2 is cast as a shadow on effect 1 1 is unmask. This layering will replace any cell in Effect 1 with the color from effect 2 every time effect 1 is non black. In other words effect 1 is a mask onto effect2 2 is unmask. This layering will replace any cell in Effect 2 with the color from effect 1 every time effect 2 is non black. In other words effect 2 is a mask onto effect 1 Two new choices I just added Mask 1 over 2 Any non Black cell on effect 1 will override whatever is in effect 2 This becomes Effect 1 put on top of effect 2 Mask 2 over 1 Any non Black cell on effect 2 will override whatever is in effect 1 This becomes Effect 1 put on top of effect 2 So are there better names? 1 is mask (these feel like a shadow is cast by 1) 2 is mask 1 is unmask (this feels like a true mask. effect 1 allows effect 2 to show) 2 is unmask mask 1 over 2 (1 sits on top of 2) mask 2 over 1 (2 sits on top of 1) here is what the last layer effect looks like. mask 2 over 1. effect 1 is text effect 2 is curtain thanks sean original thread on nutcracker forum http://nutcracker123.com/forum/index.php?topic=87.0
  6. Is anyone using Pangolin QS software to create laser light shows? This software can create new effects (things like open an image file and it will find the edges of color), create animations with frames. It has more options that nutcracker and more options than madrix. $580 from ebay. http://www.amazon.com/Pangolin-Quickshow-version-software-package/dp/B006IUXJMW If you search for ILDA lasers (meaning they can read in these binary files to play a show and look for DMX controlled lasers), you can build your own show. There is a standard used by lasers called the ILDA (International Laser Display Association). The standard is listed here . http://www.laserist.org/StandardsDocs/IDTF05-finaldraft.pdf Someone has made some php libraries to read and create the binary file described in the standard. https://github.com/themainframe/php-ilda Arduino have done much with the ilda. So is anyone building ILDA laser shows? What laser and software are you using. If i get a laser, i will add the option of creating ILDA files from nutcracker. If i do this you would not need the QuickShow software from Pangolin (Although their software is always going to be way better than i could create) Just try searching for ILDA lasers one ebay that are around 25K scanrate. this indicates how many things can be drawn without getting the lag where you notice it. Laser price goes up with the higher scan rate and power. ANALOG inputs give more responsive laser $2350: ANALOG 40K scan rate, 1000mw RED, 500mw GREEN, 500mw BLUE lasers http://www.ebay.com/itm/2000mW-2W-RGB-DMX512-ILDA-Laser-W-40K-Pangolin-QuickShow2-0-software-/320809442015?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Single_Units&hash=item4ab1bb9adf $1888: ANALOG 30K scan rate, 800mw RED< 200mw GREEN, 500mw BLUE. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1500mW-RGB-Analog-DMX-ILDA-stage-DJ-Laser-lights-and-PANGOLIN-QuickShow-2-0-30K-/170803846766?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Single_Units&hash=item27c4b3de6e $355: 20K scan rate, 200mw RED< 60mw GREEN, 160mw BLUE. http://www.ebay.com/itm/410mW-RGB-Full-Color-ILDA-DMX512-Club-Party-Amimation-Laser-stage-lighting-/191038103522?pt=US_Stage_Lighting_Single_Units&hash=item2c7ac21fe2 anyone have any suggestions for a good ilda RGB laser? thanks
  7. very cool! i actually dont get much feedback about people using xlights/nc in their shows. it is nice hearing that it worked for people
  8. Someone asked where i post Nutcracker information. well .. these are the forums i post to first the ones that dont have a nutcracker section LOR: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/forum/25-the-coffee-shop/ LSP: http://lightshowpro.com/tips-tricks/ PC: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forum/208-rgb-based-lights/ and then forums where i have a dedicated nutcracker space DLA: http://diylightanimation.com/index.php?board=48.0 DIYC.org: http://www.diychristmas.org/vb1/forumdisplay.php?57-Nutcracker DIYC: http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?102-Nutcracker ACL: http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/board,61.0.html LSH: http://www.lone-star-holidays.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=174 HU: http://holidayuniversity.com/forums/index.php?board=118.0 ACL: http://www.christmascarolina.com/forums/nutcracker-rgb-effects-builder/ FC: http://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php?board=26.0 and finally a new one XL/NC: http://nutcracker123.com/forum/ 12 forums and on facebook depending on the content i will post on these 7 groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/628061113896314/ "Official xLights/nutcracker" https://www.facebook.com/groups/8111378684/ "LOR Users" https://www.facebook.com/groups/577818958965269/ "Xlights/nutcracker support group" https://www.facebook.com/groups/311151275600107/ "Synchronized Christmas Lights" https://www.facebook.com/groups/190161527834956/ "LightShow Pro Users" https://www.facebook.com/groups/267415016664802/ "Extreme Pixels and LEDs" https://www.facebook.com/groups/theblinkylab/ "The Blinky Lab" i read these 19 forums/groups at least a few times per day. I am going to be spending more and more time on the xlights/nutcracker forum, http://nutcracker123.com/forum/index.php. i want to develop documentation that can be used to feed our wiki page. thanks sean
  9. tapatalk has been installed so i am ready to announce we now have created a forum setup for just talking about xlights/nutcracker. http://nutcracker123.com/forum I will make sticky posts on this forum to keep information at the top of each thread. Things like how to fill in the STEUP,TEST, CONVERT tabs and such. http://nutcracker123.com/forum/ Why? I make lots of posts. I will be able to make even more on this new forum. I sometimes feel like my posts are spam in the non-specific forums i post to. LOR, Planet Christmas, LSP do not have Nutcracker specific areas. On those forums i generate alot of stuff. i will continue to read and post here. so instead of 11 forums, now it is 12. whee! enjoy
  10. Tutorial for Jan 9th is posted. This was an introduction to xLights/Nutcracker thanks sean
  11. i am editing the video now. i hopr to have it posted by this weekend
  12. First; Tutorial this week is for brand new people! I will start from the very beginning for xlight/nutcracker newbies When: Thursday, Dec 9th. 7pm MST, 9pm EST We will be using teamviewer. Ill start session at 6:45pm MST Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link: http://go.teamviewer.com/v8/m93271823 Meeting ID: m93-271-823 If you have a headphone click on the "Voice over IP" on the Teamviewer menu and unmute your headphone to be able to ask questions. After my teamviewer fills up (We can have 25 viewers) we are setting up a second teamviewer for the overflow. Dave Pitts will be hosting this second teamview. If you cannot get into the first teamviewer then join this second session http://go.teamviewer.com/v8/m30917736 Meeting ID: m30-917-736 Second; Release 3.3.0 This is the release where we upgrade from the wxwidgets 2.9.5 library to wxwidgets 3.0.0. What does this mean? It means you may notice effects playing about a little faster, it gives us some abilities we didn't have before. Mostly, it is the plumbing and you wont notice anything. This release has many changes from Don Julien. Thanks Don for keeping the flame alive! some new meteor effects. some new movements on text try meteor with icicle with overlay clicked (checkbox below fit to time) with palette checked 3.3.0 -Enhancement (djulien): vixen 2.x routine as picture -Enhancement (djulien): add checkbox to Effects panel to inhibit canvas clear before effect (for layers across models) -Enhancement (djulien): allow cancelled schedule to re-run that same day -Enhancement (djulien): show serial outbuf overflow amount -Enhancement (djulien): add a couple of icicle options to Meteors -Enhancement (djulien): add wavey left-to-right up/down option for text -Enhancement (djulien): added additional format options for date count-down -Enhancement (djulien): pass controller responses to plug-in (in-coming or round-trip data); internal change only - should not affect standard usage, but listed here just in case -Enhancement (djulien): add /noauto command line option to prompt for auto-run (allows easier schedule override) -Bug fix/enhancement? (djulien): show channel# being tested during Chase test -Bug fix/enhancement? (djulien): continue execution after comm output overflow in case controller can catch up thanks sean matt brown frankr djulien dpitts dan kulp (Mac version guy)
  13. Some users created a facebook group to focus on Xlights/Nutcracker. https://www.facebook.com/groups/577818958965269/ go there and join up if you would like... sean
  14. Don Julien posted this "It looks like wxWidgets (the framework that xLights uses) is very picky about the input format. The documentation says "This function tries as hard as it can to interpret the given string as date and time.". Well, it's not trying hard enough. It looks like RFC822 format works, so as a work-around for now you can enter the date/time using the following format: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 00:48:30 +0100 (see section 5 of http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc822/ for all the painful details) There might be variations of this that also work. Note: output format in xLights is "#d #h #m #s", so you'll need a fairly wide grid to display that unless it's scrolling sideways. don" the date time should be set to "It looks like wxWidgets (the framework that xLights uses) is very picky about the input format. The documentation says "This function tries as hard as it can to interpret the given string as date and time.". Well, it's not trying hard enough. It looks like RFC822 format works, so as a work-around for now you can enter the date/time using the following format: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 00:48:30 +0100 (see section 5 of http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc822/ for all the painful details) There might be variations of this that also work. Note: output format in xLights is "#d #h #m #s", so you'll need a fairly wide grid to display that unless it's scrolling sideways. don" The date should be set to the future and you will then get a countdown. This is what i am using for new years "Wed, 01 Jan 2014 00:00:00 +0100" Matt is the person who added the countdown timer and Don looked into the code. Thansk to both of them sean
  15. maybe this http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?28567-Finally-got-em-finished&highlight=plasmadrive
  16. yes. many people do that. quick summary of how 1) add e1.31 universes in the setup tab. add as manya s your megatree needs. 2) create a model in the nutcracker tab. my megatree is 20x120 nodes. 3) create an empty sequence by pressing the open button and then choosing "New animation sequence", this is the last choice on open. pick how long you want the effect to last 4) insert 1 row into the grid 5) click "display elements" and check the model you made 6) drop an effect onto the model column 7) save, give it a name 8) "Export Model" and create a lcb file (LOR Clipboard). 9) in lor open the clipboard and paste in existing sequences
  17. 3.2.14 released double the max speed of arches in the single strand effect class frank added new choices for effects in the bars effect class 3.2.14 -Enhancement (Sean): SingleStrand effects are now moving twice as fast. -Enhancement (Frankr) * Added alternating bands options to the bars effect. -Enhancement (Frankr) Removed limitation on pasting into the timings and label columns.
  18. 3.2.13 released. one new song added to songs directory new movement options for picture effect 3.2.13 -Bug fix (djulien): display some details about channel count error -Bug fix (djulien): split Effects Direction into separate lists for Text and Picture (some Picture are not applicable to Text) -Enhancement (djulien): More movement options in the pictures effect. -Enhancement (Sean): Added new song to songs directory. (It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus, Harry Connick Jr.
  19. 3.2.12 is just an update to the songs directory. There is no new functionality in xlights with this release. 1)i think i have added the readme links in every song (let me know if i missed one). 2) Every song should now have _notes.txt file. this is used by the piano effect 3) Added new time markings for some new songs Sandstorm (Radio Edit) Darude http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003U036RQ/ref=dm_ws_sp_tlw_trk1_B003U036RQ Disney's Electrical Parade (Original Version) Ned Washington http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DDYEBJ6/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk1_B00DDYEBJ6 The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) Nat King Cole http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002L1IUB2/ref=dm_ws_sp_tlw_trk1_B002L1IUB2 Pour Elise (State Of Trance Remix) Trance Attack This is the song that is featured on the house that has 2400 strobes. we will see it next monday on the great christmas light fight http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00310SN78/ref=dm_ws_sp_tlw_trk1_B00310SN78 The 12 Days Of Christmas Straight No Chaser http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002UVEJS6/ref=dm_ws_sp_tlw_trk1_B002UVEJS6 White Christmas (Duet With Shania Twain) Michael Bublé http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UA0GI6/ref=dm_ws_sp_tlw_trk1_B005UA0GI6 Overture From Miracle On 34th Street The Hit Crew http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001EK0HEY/ref=dm_ws_sp_tlw_trk1_B001EK0HEY you will also find a sub directory under 01 - Carol of the Bells with a sequence by drlucas and keebler. you will also see anotehr drlucas version of a 06 - a mad russian christmas. if you want me to mark up some more songs, post the link where to get the mp3 in this thread. thanks sean
  20. Tutorial to describe the new cut and paste feature that Matt Brown added.
  21. I participated in a kickstarter project to get some panels of ws2812's. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/311408456/rgb-123-led-matrices?ref=email the developer of this project has reached out to another person who is providing controllers. I dont know hardware well enough to evaluate it, but they said they are driving 2500 pixels using this controller and a raspberry pi. the fadecandy controller is $25. https://www.tindie.com/products/scanlime/fadecandy-controller/ maybe someone could look it over?
  22. I got a quiestion about effect presets. This ability was created by Matt at least a year ago. I think i have never discussed it before, so here is a mini tutorial describing how to use it. What are effect presets? Say you created a wonderful spiral effect. You can give this effect a name and store it in your effect preset library. Now when sequencing another song you can reuse the exact same effect. thanks
  23. i have seen some confusion on how channels are mapped from LOR/Vixen/LSP into xlights. I have made a small tutorial describing this process. it is late so i am not sure if i did a good job getting the concept across. If you understand why you can delete your xseq files and easily recreate them, you probably got the gist of the talk. thanks
  24. it depends on your display model. one person has 64 strings of 150 nodes so he can display 64x150 images do you want the whole image or part of the image? i have a 20x120 megatree. I resize images like 40x50 and then scroll the image. btw, i have setup a place to share images amoung ourselves http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/shared_images/ i use mspaint to resize . i usually resize to the x or y size and then go up from there 50 and 100%., i make 3 versions and just try them on my display to see what they look like. if i have animated gifs, i use http://resizepic.com/resize.php also, you know that you can play movies on nutcracker? you need to resize your movie just like we discuessed above. go to a command prompt and type ffmpeg -i movie.mp4 -s 40x50 m-%d.jpg this will convert the movie.mp4 (or mov,mvi,avi,.etc) , resize each frame to 40x50 pixels and create a pile of frames that will be called m-1.jpg,m-2.jpg, .. m-999.jpg .etc. Now if you open any image m-2.jpg or higher in the pictures effect it will just show a static image. The magic comes if you open the first frame, m-1.jpg. If you do that, nutcracker will go and read every frame, find the last one and thens tart flipping them up on your display. the speed slider will allow you to have slow, normal or fast motion playback. thanks sean
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