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  1. I was a Target last night and they had well over 100 Christmas trees still in stock. They would have been $18.00 per tree 7 1/2 foot, but they were 70% off does anyone know when they more than 70%, I am wanting to purchase this tree to replace one of my trees that has about had it, but would like to see if I can get it for more than 70% off since they had so many. Thanks!
  2. I need about 10 to 15 strands of blue lights with green wire and about 5 strands of blue lights on white wire and 5 strands of Clear Lights on White Wire. for a Church project. I thought I would get some the day after Christmas but came up empty handed. Any ideas where I could get them online cheap or anywhere for that matter? Thanks!
  3. Stormy

    CVS 75% Off

    Hi Joe! Mine had a little bit of lights left but our store manager packed them all away for next year! You sometimes can find a store or two or three that may have some left and they just dont want to pack the Lights away so if you get lucky which you just might somewhere they may give them to you at the discount! Happy New Year! -Stormy
  4. Stormy

    CVS 75% Off

    I work for CVS and I have been told that all of the Christmas Stuff will go 75% on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010. They are suppose to pack away all Lights and Lighted Decor for the next season, but may find a store manager that dont want to pack it away will sometime mark it down. Happy New Year Everyone!
  5. I have 1 inflatable this year came from Lowes several years ago at $20.00- 8ft. works good. Bought a 4ft outdoor polar bear for my grandmother this year from wal-mart it did not inflate properly and looked dead most of the time. Took it back and purchased the penguin instead it works great! Use to have more infltables but sold them all off. Merry CHRISTmas, Kyle
  6. We have 7 Trees Ranging in Height of 6ft to are 8 1/2 foot tall one. all in diffrenet thems: The Red and Gold Tree Done in all Red and GOld Ortaments and Lights with Rotaing tree stand. The Kitchen Tree done in Clear Lights and Kitchen Utensils The Snowman Tree done in Multi Lights The Beach tree (White Tree) Clear and Blue Lights The Mitten Tree Clear Lights The Boyd Bear Tree (done in all Christmas Boyds Bears) Clear Lights Up Stairs Tree done in All Neon Colors Clear Lights and Blue Lights. (White Tree)
  7. I work for CVS/Pharmacy, Many times schools or churches call well in advance asking for the decor. We hang decor for every holiday! Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Spring, Summer & more I think! So my suggestion is if you are wanting these call your CVS ask them to hold them for you once the holiday is over or ask them to call you once they take them down so you can pick them up! Kyle
  8. Stormy


    Hello once again folks the following is an update on what is needed for my church camp! I have the 20 sets of Clear Christmas Lights taken care of! Thanks to: Chris in Ct! NowI only need a few sets 5-10 of chasing Clear Christmas Lights... If anyone has any avlaible I would be willing the purchase and pay for shipping! The lights DO NOT need to be new... As long as they work! Thank You for your help in advance and God Bless, Kyle
  9. Stormy


    Okay Folks! The Lights will be used June 21-28, 2008. No these are not for personal use and are for the church! Once the lights are done with for the season they will stay with the church and be used for future events such as fundraisers and other church camps for years to come! None of these will make them into my display at all and I mean that! I am sorry for the other thread about chasing lights that was also for the church! I will not need them for my display! God Bless You all and Thanks, Kyle
  10. Stormy


    Hello all! Thank you so much for the replys. Now to answer some questions: Chris in Ctsaid: Who does your church worship? You don't worship Satan do you No I dont worship Satan: I go to a Baptist Church! Chris in CtSaid: You can have all of it if you want it. Not sure how much I have collected so far but it's quite a bit. I went through it and most of it works. I can do an inventory beforehand. I would be very Interested! Please do an inventory and please tell me how much you want for shipping! Cause I cant afford much! LoL! Small Country Church! Bob VSays: Are you looking for 20
  11. Stormy


    Ok folks... This year I am once agian helping with my Church Camp at are church and I am in charge of the decorations! This years theme is "HOLY"WOOD. So I am in need of the following to help make this a sucess... 20 Sets orsoof Clear Christmas Lights Sets of Chasing Christmas Lights (Clear) If anyone can help out are church it will be greatly appreciated! I will pay for all shipping and cost involved if the price is right! Please PM me or simpily Reply to this message! ** LIGHTS DO NOT HAVE TO BE NEW AS LONG AS THEY WORK! Thanks For your help in advance & God Bless, Kyl
  12. Has anyone seen any of the stores have there Easter inflatables out yet? If so where at and what kind are we looking at this year? Thanks, Kyle
  13. I vote for Lights Lights Lights to be back at the top of the list! --Kyle
  14. jen grissett: Says: kyle do you have a picture of your porch? I will try and get a picture of my porch this afternoon as soon as I get a chance. The porch does not have ralings its a big porch long butnot very wide. I will get a picture for you to demostrate it a little better. Thanks for all of your guys help, Kyle
  15. Well I guess I am after another inflatable! Maybe a little bigger! I thought the bees would be fine but they are to small for the space!! Problay from E-bay or somewhere! The bees may look fine in a small space with not alot of room but not on a big porch like mine, You can hardly see it! So it looks like I will be on the look out once again! Thanks Everyone for your help, --Kyle
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