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  1. I just saw the 2012 General Foam catalog (thanks for posting it!) and it appears that the Wisemen C61820 will not be available this year. Here is a picture of these WiseMen on Home Depot's website: http://www.homedepot.com/buy/decor-holiday-decorations-christmas-indoor-christmas-decorations-home-accents-christmas-village/wisemen-statues-set-of-3-250667.html I am also looking for the camel that matches this set. Does anyone know where I might find a leftover set of Wisemen or the Camels? Thank you! Karen
  2. I too would like to see pictures. I'm not sure I have this set.
  3. Lights have been taken. Thank you for your response!
  4. I just found several white C9 replacement bulbs still in the package (these are WHITE bulbs NOT CLEAR!). There are eight packages with four bulbs each (unopened) -- from WalMart a long time ago (the packages are dusty). I'll ship them to the first person that emails their mailing address to [email protected] Thank you!
  5. Great Find! I'm never that lucky! You say you left a bunch behind -- if you aren't going back for them, can you tell me how to get in touch with him? Mother always told me that it never hurts to ask! Thank you, and again, great find! Congrats! Karen
  6. Hi, Are these the strings that you are ordering? http://www.kunlih.com.tw/2prolist.php?class=10 Are these lights on this page what we call "rice" lights? Very tiny LEDs? If so, there is no way to snap a cover over them, is there? I am looking for custom LED strings of 35 and 50 -- but with 5 or 6 inch spacing. But, I'd also like to snap a cover over them as I plan to stick the light through a piece of wood that has had holes drilled for a design. Make any sense? Thank you! Karen:tree:
  7. Hi Scott -- I checked out the LINK that you suggested. I have a couple of questions. The first socket listed (A) shows that it is rated for a maximum of 75Watts -- is this a misprint? I've not seen a 75W bulb fit a 1" hole? I'm not trying to be stupid -- I just want to be absolutely sure that I purchase the right thing. I like these cords from your link because they don't have the inline switch. I know the cords that are puchased at Wal-Mart are rated for indoor use only but I've not had any trouble with using them outdoors OTHER than the inline switches will go bad a little qucker.
  8. Hello, I just saw your post. Where can you find the replacement heads for the 30" choir angels? I actually need the eyes -- for the ones that were taped or pasted on. I saw someplace on the web where you could get these eyes but I can't seemed to find it now that I need some. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you! Karen
  9. Hi, I just saw your post. You can find a six light cord -- go to your nearest Dept 56 dealer. . . they have the a variety of multi-light cords for their villages. If you don't have a dealer nearby, let me know and I'll get what you need from my local place -- of course, it will have to be after Christmas. I hope this helps. Karen
  10. Please send a copy of the Union Lists to [email protected] Thank you very much! Karen
  11. Hi, I am new to this site as of Christmas Day 2005. Please email me an address where I can send my $7 for your BlowMold CD. I've been collecting blowmolds for years and am excited to discover this CD. My family and I put out a rather large display every year -- NO AIR-THINGIES (don't even know what they are called!) -- just blowmolds and custom wood designs. I'll post a website of picturesif anyone is interested. Thank you! I look forward to your CD! [email protected]
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