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    Been setting up a display for 12 yeas now.
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    It's not big in lights, but big when seen.
  1. Thanks everyone, you gave me exactly the info I needed. Currently I run the whole display off one 15 amp GFI breaker and have no problems. I guess I'll just upgrade my blow molds to Led lights for next year. I also have room for several more breakers in my panel so I might just add an extra breaker just to be safe. I'm so glad I found this site!!!
  2. I think the loop-hole was that I bought the stuff the day after Christmas at 50% off then came back for the 75% off refund. All I know for sure is it worked so I'm very happy. I would suggest anyone who is going to do it next year just ask the store manager before you do it.
  3. Update, My local Lowes went to 75% off today and I brought the stuff into the store and they gave me the refund. I also bought a couple more things "I just couldn't live without".
  4. I'm not new to Christmas displays but I will be a new buyer for the LOR product. I'd like to start with a 32 channel pro package with the option of adding on later. So I have a few questions that would help me figure out if I can do this properly. If this has already been asked and answered I apologize in advance and ask for the link to the info. Thanks a lot everyone. 1. What is the power requirement for something like this? Does each controller use power or do they only draw power for the lights that are connected to them? 2. Currently I run a lot of store bought led lights, along wit
  5. I use those plastic storage bins. I wrap each strand in a single sheet of newspaper so they look like big burritos. I stack them like logs and they are good to go.
  6. I went on the usual Dec 26th light run and found an awesome deal. Lowes had the $80 color change Led icicle lights on sale 50% off which is the same as all the big stores do, but there is a trick that another christmas shopper told me about. Lowes offers 30 day price guarantee on all items, so one week later you bring the stuff back with the reciept and it is 75% off original price and they will match the price. This means the $80 lights are now just $20 per box. I bought 8 boxes last week and today is the price check day so I'll be sure to update later and let you know if it works.
  7. General Foam catalog said they would have Peanuts Character Blow Molds for 2011 but I never saw them in the stores. Does anyone know if they were ever made?
  8. I have a 4 camera system with a DVR but I never hooked it up. I was so focused on the display I just didn't get around to it. A huge risk on my part but I got lucky and nothing happened.
  9. Wow!!! Awesome set. I have to replace my Tigger, he is cracking, still looking for the big Tweety, Taz, and Snoopy.
  10. Let me start by saying this could all be a coincidence but here is my story. In 2009 my display was vandalized 2 times and the local cops couldn’t do anything because we had no idea who did it. In 2010 vandals struck again and this time they stole or destroyed about 1/3 of my display. That year I called the news and they did a story about what happened and they mentioned that the next year I would have a surveillance system installed. This year kids switched around the letters on our sign at the end of the street a few times, but so far the display has been safe. I also think the fact th
  11. I know for a lot of you this would represent a days work but for me it takes about a week since I do it all by myself and I have no plan, I just wing it. This is my blank canvas: I also use the empty lot next door as an outdoor movie theater: This shows most of the stuff already set up: Next year I plan to go much bigger and get myself organized, but so far I think I have a good start. If anyone has any comments or ideas for improvement feel free to let me know. I would like to build some kind of arch over the road for next year. Thinking of doing a scaffold type struc
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