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  1. Great Job Andy! :waycool: I just brought my guys in, heavy rain and 40mph winds!:shock:
  2. I drilled the hole just large enough to cover the gap where the bulb goes into the socket to try to keep water out. They are going on there 3rd year.
  3. I border my Easter disply with 140 ct. chaser string with those lil plastic easter eggs over each light. Was fun drilling lil holes into each so they would snap over the bulbs but the lil kids like to chase the eggs back and forth back and forth.:laughing: I use about 8 inflatables too.
  4. Did you use rope light on those arches Marilyn? They look great!
  5. here is a pic of last years Mega. I figured around 16 1/2 ft. with the star. I have new pix of both Mega(s)frm this year but I'm still tryin to figure out the new digital camera download.
  6. I actually had 3 out of 4 of my globes in my lower driveway this year under my arch. Looked great, bad thing was the eves of our house dripped right on them. None of them fogged but they had lots of c-9's above them. The only time I had my carousel fog was when I let it down but about a day running with a 100 watt flood on it it was ok. Same goes for the new Santa's Emporium, worked great but all went 24/7. I guess if you can't leave it up it may be more problems for you than it's worth. Once you let them down there a lot of work. I actually never got my Rudolph globe up this year, the only on
  7. My brother and I went to the other Kmart and I ended up with one of the snowmen light shows. Hit the mother load of 100 ct. clears at target too. I luv after Christmas sales!
  8. Thanky! Just got 5 more inflatables, icy Mickey and some more red/white C-9's. i know but electric is kinda cheap on my side of the canal. :laughing:
  9. I'm still in pain from taking them down. It's kinda spooky dark outside now.:shock: All I have left is my back yard Mega tree wich is still on. I got a new camera for Christmas so I was out there taking pix for 3 days playing. Already have plans for next year, now just to get it all packed neatly in my garage.
  10. My brother bought some blue I think from HomeDepot or Lowes', about 1/3 of them looked purple the others light blue. Same store and pallett and they are different. He noticed after he put them up. They still looked good but he was a lil less than impressed.
  11. 3700 red minis 2500 blue minis 3800 green minis Santa's workshop inflatable Beach bum santa inflatable Spinning 10' archway infltable Hot cocoa stand inflatable I hope to go get more this week if my check comes, maybe it's better it didn't:laughing: I hope to get some LED rope light when the after Christmas sales start. I was adding up amperage and I'm getting up there with my previous lights and inflatables and the new stuff. :shock:
  12. I went to Walmart before work.....think I broke a rib. i already bought about 7500 minis but wanted some rope light. Went to grab some to price check and got sandwiched between two ladies carts. i felt like an air bg as they rammed there carts into my ribs repeated times. A loud HEY! seemed to worked long enough for my escape. :laughing:crazy peole but I'm goin back at 2 am to get more solid colors. 2500 of each red,green and blue arent enough. :shock:
  13. Went looking for LED's...none to be had. I ended up with 4000 each of red/blue and green minis. They had a lot of golds, how do these look? I may go back and get a few cases at 75% off if there are any left. ;)Luckily me niece can carry her weight in lights. I never remember a cart, it's like bad luck. I think they had 1 inflatable left but all he good stuff was pretty much cleaned out. :shock:
  14. I have a lot of inflatabes in my display. Most older people ask me if I "blow those all up yourself?" like they are Balloons. I'm a big guy and full of a lot of hot air but not that much. :laughing:
  15. The car doesn't have any lights on it! :laughing: Looking good Chuck, nice job!
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