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  1. Check out the site "Youtube.com"...type in the search box SAWDUST CARNIVAL or CHRISTMAS FERRIS WHEEL. My photos or movies of my wheel is there. You can get more information by writing [email protected] The sell for $1,600.00 shipped. They do stop traffic and makes a great addition to your display. They are built one at a time as ordered. Each is unique.
  2. We build the world's only hand made Christmas Ferris wheel lawn ornament. Go to either Midway of Treats,Gifts , Pet Toys, Candles, Dips, Gourmet Fudge, Unique Bath & Beauty - Home or YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. to see the product. It will stop traffic. Standing about 9 feet and 2 feet wide, it comes with 12 seats, motor, control panel and lots of lights! Fabulous at night just like the real ones.
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