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  1. I used the wireframe C6 leds on rays and outer star. and M6 leds on inner star. and a portion of the purchase goes to holdmans make a wish foundation. worked great.
  2. Hey does anyone else chain there mini trees to keep them from being stolen? I do cuz there not tomato cages, there the powder coated trees from christmas led's.com so im into them about 50 bucks each with the lights.that can add up quick..just wondering if im crazy.
  3. If your thinking of christmas utah. he's not doing his display this year. I bought a bunch of his extension cords and lights. but the holdman display will be at the Valley Fair Mall again this year.
  4. It started with a call to The Home Depot at 6:30 AM to see if the lights they had online were really there. they were and they put my name on them and i jumped in the car and off I was, I hit 5 Home Depots and one Target.and this is what I picked up. 2600 m5 cool white leds. 100 cool white c9 leds but there 100 lighted feet. a few boxes of c3 cool white net lights and some m5 cool white twinkling net light leds and a few extentions cords and three way adapters at half off. and a last min stop at Walgreens later tonight ended up with 6 boxes of 50 ct blue c6 leds at
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