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  1. I use one in my display with all my lights and blowmolds. For me there is a corner of my yard between my neighbors house and mine that really bothered meforyears andalways looked empty and I was never able to fill it in just right....then I found an inflateable bear......OK my wife found it.....lol......It fills in the hard to decorate not so good looking corners of our houses just right and its in the back of my display so you can stillsee everything else with an distraction too. So for me an inflateable helped with a huge eyesore that bothered me and no one else...so they say....
  2. Some excellent ideas there. I was thinking of one large house but mabey a few small ones would be better and better to control of the look I want. I could use smaller lights and stuff too. I didn't think of the recycle items either. I have many things I could probably use. I only have a 9'X9' lawn area to work with so mabey a few small houses would be better. Thanks for the great idea.
  3. Hi all. I am so very glad to have found this site....thanks so much for all the great info so far. I am in Northern California and have loved Christmas forever. I cant wait year after year for the day I put up those gand lights! This year I went bigger and better than ever. I made a candy cane arch way. So cool. 2006 I am building a gingerbread house with lots of gingerbread people! Can't wait! Any ideas for real looking exterior walls? I have so many ideas and thoughts...I made a folder to get ideas and drawings and anything related to my plans. I can't wait! Thanks in advance for all the advice I am looking forward to. Sean
  4. ...my wife had a great idea for next year last night. She is soooo smart.....then again.....she doesnt have to build it!......LOL Its cool though cant wait.
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