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    Self proclaimed DIY master. Willing to try most anything, smart enough to ask if I do not know. UPDATE: Many things I do not even know what I don't know.
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    firearms, computers. If one does not work I use the other.
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    Jet Engine Mechanic
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    4 singing trees. 3- 8ft. municipal candles. 13 ft. Mini tree. 80 channels and growing. 37 songs and an FM transmitter.

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  1. The way you word this is to vague for an answer. My car is silver what kind of wipers do I need? Tell people if you are looking for Singing Trees or Pixel trees or just straight out house trim lights....
  2. I am interested in purchasing the "My Name Is Frosty" sequence. please shoot me an email [email protected]
  3. I think I have caught the CLAP

  4. Like I said, I don't even know what I don't know. Having half the lights chasing the other half idea never even came close to my brain. My hat is off as I bow to your awesomeness.
  5. I am so new to this I don't even know what I don't know. I want to build a display that my grand kids will remember. I have planned it 5 million times but now my plans can go forward. My main delima is if you will: Picture if you will 20 panels of lights 3 ft. wide by 4 ft. tall. Alternating Red and White. I want to have them appear to be chasing the each other the full 120 feet. Am I best to use 20 channels and each panel on it's own seperate chanel or is it best to do 4 or 5 on the same channel and only chase 12 to 15 feet at a time? I know I am being as clear as mud I just do not kno
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