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  1. Been a while since I posted, but I just got these beauties. They're in such beautiful shape. Now I'm just waiting for the lady to get back to me to get me some of the props she had that came with them
  2. Yup, you're killin' me!! I have a 40 hour. Lass to take to get another license so I can get this jo. I want. Looks like I need to get off my ass and get it done!
  3. Sammy, you're killing me. I need to get a job quickly so I can relieve you and Darrid of so e of your figures :-)
  4. UGG - Sammy and Darrid you 2 are killing me!! LOVE LOVE the candy cane elves!!!
  5. Where are you finding these things. They're beautiful!
  6. I just love looking at these pictures. After 13+ years decorating, I'm just starting my collection
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