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    Groom, TX
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    My husband and I are planning to build a Megatree next year and are hoping to get some great tips from this site. Thank you for sharing your experience with us newbies:)
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    We love our home and yard. Working in the garden in the Spring and building our Christmas display in the winter is tons of fun for us. We also have a beautiful daughter and two Boxers we show in conformation and obedience.
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    Medical Technologist
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    We are planning on taking our sweet small town design to the next level with a Megatree and Light-O-Rama controllers in 2012.

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  1. WOW....awesome! I have to get more RGBs.......LOL.
  2. Thank you RobertB, we are flattered by your comments! Our strobes are from www.christmaslightshow.com they are the Curtain Strobe Light (3 to 4 Flashes per Second) x-3
  3. Thanks guys I appreciate your input and comments and yes of course you may share JHolmes. We have a facebook page too you can go to www.facebook.com/gwynsgroovygraveyard
  4. Thanks for the advice Mystic. My husband is the Fire Marshall of the city we live in and believe me he is giving all of this much thought. We have ordered one fire machine and we have not received in from China yet so I will most likely not get into this years show. It will give us all year to play around with it and make certain it will be a safe prop for next year.
  5. Looks great digdeepfundraising!! What company did you order your flame machines from and what fuel are you using if you would please share. I am a little nervous about buying anything from China so I would appreciate you steering me to a reputable dealer. Thank you for sharing and it looks like you are going to have a hot halloween display.....heheeehehhehe
  6. That is something to think about BigDPS. We are only going to use two flame machines so hopefully that wouldnt be a problem for us.
  7. Thank you guys for all the information. I know my husband wants a LPG machine and a dead man switch is an excellent safety measure we would definately want. My husband is the fire marshall of the city we live in so it would be very embarassing if we burned our house down and we wouldn't be able to live with ourselves it someone got hurt. BigDps please share which machine you decide on or any machines you think would be good to consider if you have time. I would appreciatate any of your input. My email is [email protected]
  8. Hello Everyone, This coming Halloween I would love to add some fire effects to our show. Yes, I know we are crazy. I have looked all over the internet and the only thing I can find are DMX fire machines used for concerts which is actually perfect, but the problem is they are from China and the shipping is crazy and will you really get what you ordered? The second problem is the fuel, it is prohibited to ship it into the US. Has anyone ever seen a fire machine and fuel that can be ordered within the US or is there another product out there I haven't come across yet??
  9. This is my family's first year to animate our upcoming Halloween and Christmas display and let me tell ya it has engulfed every moment of our free time...buying, building props, and learning the LOR Software. I has been fun and overwhelming at the same time. Surprisingly, I was able to pick up a lot of what the software was able to do for me on my own. What was missing was how to sequence with the music in an effective manner and how to make that sequence pleasing to the eye. I knew I needed some expert help or I would spend years trying to figure it out and most likely give up. Well....the Gwyn's NEVER GIVE UP!!! Instead I found Drew Hickman of Holiday Technologies who went through every detail of the LOR software in two full days of instruction. Drew was awesome and extremely patient with everyone in the class. There were no dumb questions and we were all in awe of his knowledge of the industry. I learned exactly what I needed plus a lot more and I do mean a lot. He even took the time to help me figure out my EDM transmitter and gave me some tips on how to make my display more pleasing. I know Drew has saved me thousands of dollars of mistakes and the good Lord only knows how many hours of programming time. Thank you Drew for making our holidays a lot brighter!!!! Buffy and Cecil Gwyn
  10. Hello everyone, My husband and I are thinking of attending a 2 day LOR training by Holiday Tech. The class is $400 for each of us and of course we will need a hotel for 2 nights, gas, and food which means this will be quite expensive. My question is to those who have attended this class previously. Is it worth it??? I don't mind paying as long as we will really benefit from this class especially in the area of sequencing. Feel free to PM if you prefer and thank you for sharing your opinion on this.
  11. First year animating for both Halloween and Christmas. Groom, Texas
  12. Thanks for the ideas guys! My husband is going to try out both ways this week and see how they handle the wind.
  13. I purchased a Coro tombstone from Holiday Coro for our 2012 Halloween Display and I love it. The problem is I live in the Texas Panhandle with lots of extreme wind. It is not uncommon for there to be 40 -70mph wind gusts here any given day of any given week. This tombstone will not last 5 min. without decent support. I thought of an angle iron frame but my welder says it won't bend in the semi-circle on the top of the tombstone. Does anyone have any ideas?? I would love to buy 7 more of these if I can get them to survive the wind gusts.
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