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    I've spent time in the military, working for the National Science Foundation at the South Pole, started a company building Monolithic Domes.
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    I enjoy building Monolithic Domes. I'm slowing down in the construction field, and I'm starting to look at spending more time decorating the house for Christmas.
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    I will know in 2012, but I have set a budget of $150,000 to decorate the 4 acre front yard. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. When I get anything new that's plastic or rubber, the FIRST thing I do is coat it with Armor All. That's what AA is for, UV protection on cars and it works. Then a wipe down with an AA rag after the season, and a new spray on coat every other year or so and they last forever.
  2. Hey grinch:) I have a question, and see u have been on here a while...I have a set of mini lights, and the bulbs screw in. The lights are mini incandescent size.What are they?

  3. Why don't you just build a frame say 12 feet by 12 feet out of 2x4's with a nail or something every foot all the way around. Then wrap 3/8" nylon rope around just the outside of the nails so you have a simple square and a basic frame for the strings to attach to and maintain the shape and also give you reference to where the edge of the net is. Then take your light strings and start at one corner and secure it to the rope with a zip tie, and run it to the opposite 2x4 and around that nail and across to the nail next to it and back up to the first 2x4 and next nail. Then go back down an
  4. Would rebar chairs work for you? They're like $0.25 each at a Lowes or whatever store. Here's what they look like. http://www.craigsconstructionspecialties.com/product.php?id=3&gclid=CPyL6pqYkbsCFdEWMgodCQUAwQ
  5. Why not just animate the figure and have it follow a line you draw on the pond? If it was me, I'd look at some thing like in the link below. I'd take apart the toy truck and use the motorize part for my figure to be mounted on. I'm sure there are MANY others like this and maybe better, but I just did a quick google search. http://www.trendtimes.com/toy-car.html
  6. How about something like, "We're playing Federal Government this year and not getting anything done, so we're shut down".
  7. I'm not sure if this has been talked about or done before, but I was wondering if anyone has taken an inflatable when it's at the end of its life, and turned it into a blow mold using any number of the new products out there. This may be sacrilegious to some, but it seems to me to be a waste of a good inflatable to throw it away when you can get a second life out of it with some coatings and a new paint job. I like inflatables, but for their life span and cost, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me compared to blow molds. Yes, storage becomes an issue for some, and yes, it will not work for
  8. What about a piece of that direct burial black water pipe wrapped in a heavy frosted painters plastic? The pipe already comes in a round roll and with a little heat on it, you can shape it into any pond shape you want. Then use a some sort of contact cement, glue or caulk on half the plastic and pipe, and when that half dries, glue and stretch the other half the next day so the plastic pond surface has an even look to it. Then lay your blue lights down and put your pond shape over them. The plastic should defuse the light to some degree so it has an even blue look to it.
  9. Great idea. I wonder if you spray paint the wire the same color as the tree you're wrapping, so the wire blends more? I think matching paint to the color of any tree would be easier than finding colored wire.
  10. I would be careful about a garage door opener motor. They're not rated for 100% duty cycle. Most are rated by a cycle, or one complete opening and closing of a garage door, and that's pretty low.....like 6 to 10 cycles per HOUR. I would also watch to see how the motor you do choose, can be mounted. By the sound of it, you're looking for a vertical shaft motor. Most but not all horizontal shaft motors can't be run in the vertical position because they don't have tapered roller bearings or a thrust bearing, they just have roller bearings and those are meant to support a shaft horizontally on
  11. Have you called up any older electricians or older mom and pop type electrical shops and see what they have? You know the kind I'm talking about, the kind of place you walk into and it's like going back in time 60 years with piles and piles of junk everywhere but they know EXACTLY where everything is. Those guys are pack rats and have everything or know someone who does, so ask them if they don't have it themselves. Don't be afraid to play up the Christmas side of things and how the kids LOVE this part of your display. Is that all that motor lasted, was ONE or TWO seasons?? I try not t
  12. I have a couple questions, does the motor work or want to turn at all, but it's locked up in the gear case, or is it completely dead in the water and nothing happens when you turn it on? Did you get the piece in working order and it broke down since you've had it? I see the cover on the gear case has some warping to it. Have you removed the cover and taken a look inside there to see why? Those screws look like they've been removed in the past. I'm thinking it maybe just a simple gear with a broken tooth binding things up and warping the case. A gear is much cheaper than the who
  13. I agree with john v. but remember, you're NOT living forever and if you pass it onto you kids and they choose to sell it, whatever you do to it now will change the value of it in the future. Your kids google search what they believe will be big time school money for college, only to be disappointed to find out it only buys one book. I'm a big collector of many things, and collectors want 100% ORIGINAL. Making a different motor "fit or work" could change the value from $1500 to $500, a $1000 drop in value, so now how much is that $150 motor worth? I'm not saying it's worth $1500, but I am s
  14. I can understand that completely, but then again, you have a really great piece there, and to keep it original would be best. I sure wouldn't get a cheap motor and try to "MAKE IT FIT". It's kind of like having a Bugatti Veyron and putting Pep Boys replacement parts on it. It's just too nice of a display to do that to it. If I was you, I would do what you're doing, look for the exact replacement motor, but used and cheaper. No one puts a $150 motor in a cheaply made display. What you have is real quality and craftsmanship there, not a Walmart bobbing head deer. That's the down side of
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