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  1. This would be a big no no, be safe.
  2. Very nice work SP, I likey ! I hope all is well ! Glenn
  3. I agree, EL is not very bright, but it did work well for small stars in my display. These stars were positioned close to the audience.
  4. I did Celine Dion's version. I like the build and finish of her version.
  5. I hope Mark lands somewhere in the industry. He does wonderful sequencing work and is a nice guy.
  6. Please read and understand the post before commenting the statement is "absurd". I did not say odd looks bad, what I did say is that even, in general, translates better to most music. My challenge stands, I don't think you have shown or proven otherwise.
  7. I agree ernie18. Clyde, I'm glad you are going to start keeping comments to yourself so you can stay in somewhat good standing.
  8. Looks very nice. Lots of straight lines, must be an engineer
  9. This is a tough decision for so many that put work into sequencing this song. The truth has emerged and the artist is sorry for putting the $$$ he makes now at risk. His music does not deserve support from people that support our troops. I am not a fan.
  10. Wouldn't that issue be the same with a mega tree? You need to start a middle effect/chase some where. IMHO the odd arch number cannot work as well as even. A chase does not care if odd or even, but I challenge anyone to show that an odd number translates better to most music than an even number such as 4 or 8.
  11. "example if i had 8 segments per arch, and a 16 channel lor controller I could run 2 arches per controller?" Yes
  12. Why don't people use an odd number for their mega trees?
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