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  1. Very nice! Tomato cage? Please keep the details coming! Glenn
  2. You could double back on your run, twice the lights half the space. Glenn
  3. Dan, I agree, learn by trial and error, or by other peoples mistakes. My blue pond effect string/nets never pass your test. As far as string count totrip aGFI? One string and my wifes hair dryer! Glenn
  4. Dan, what possessed you to try this? Although I do like these kind of experiments, danger! Are LEDs next? Glenn
  5. Sorry, no kids, therefore no video camera. But, here's a color change pic. Justwire it up the same as a mega tree.
  6. Hi all, What would you calll this tree? An upside down mega tree? I spins like a regular mega tree. Glenn
  7. Here is a good link for tomato cage mini tree info - http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum13/2406.html
  8. I've been using 30" wire flower easels and wrapping 200 x 3 (RGB) lights. They are trees of fire. I think the 36" works better leaving about 6" empty on the bottom so you can stick it in the ground (lessons learned). Chuck had an excellent suggestion mounting a lazy susan on to a base and spinning the lights on to the frame. I've spun 2 dozen of these and you can't beat the price for performance. Glenn
  9. If you start your outdoor circut at a GFI you should not have any problems regarding safetybut your circuts may trip sooner during bad weather. Marty's post is excellent regarding metal boxes or anything that can conduct electricity particularly at starting points in your display that draw more amps such as controllers. Take 3 prongs as far into your displayas you can but a GFI will insure safety. Indoor cords work fine outdoors but typically have a lower amp rating, so don't connect thewhole yard to your indoor cord. Glenn
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