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  1. Hang in there Chief. Hopefully they'll be recovered. Glenn
  2. LED c6 or m5, you'll thank me later.
  3. Fine work jib721, like those mini Webers, everything looks great! Glenn
  4. I agree, the CLS strobe requires TLC but they have the best wow factor.
  5. Those are some fine lines, must be an engineer Looking forward to night pics and vids. Glenn
  6. The tree looks awesome! Just curious, when showing and broadcasting to this many people, how much does the music cost? Will the contest winner's sequence be sold?
  7. GS

    Porch Lights...

    I put a low watt green bulb in them, not red
  8. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Glenn
  9. Some LED colors fade worse than others. Try 2 snubbers or 2 C9 bulbs on your problem string/channel. Glenn
  10. Vinyl coated steel cable is your friend. Snake it through everything. Helps keep honest people honest. I hope Snoopy returns to you. Glenn
  11. Great display elements, very cool! Glenn
  12. Shameless bump....boo
  13. Dog anchors BAD. If have seen disastrous results after rain then high wind. Use methods above that will with stand the elements and their effect on your soil.
  14. To be safe, spend less than your wife's rock or your husband's car. See how expensive a hobby can be, time to upgrade.
  15. Just cut, drill, burn, or melt, a notch on the other side of a female SPT socket so you can attach it any where on the wire, even next to the male plug.
  16. It's coming to DC this year too! I'll stop by Bill V's house on the way.
  17. Is this a cheap way to add green? - http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/brain-teasers/optical-illusion-14/1408013
  18. I think you'll find that 16 strings, each color, for a 10' tree will give you good results. Each string will give you 2, top to bottom. Use 16 ch or mirror 8 ch. Use LED c6 or m5 for amazing.
  19. I use CLS mega tree stands. Stands and portable holes (Monkhouse) are good for fine tuning placement. Slide your pvc over the pole and attach 3 guy wires at the top.
  20. I remember that too, looking forward to seeing Richard's work.
  21. GS

    VA Mini Plus 2011

    As close to the bakery as possible...please! Glenn
  22. Nice, I'm using these for the first time this year too.
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