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    The Grinch
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    FNG to the synchronized Christmas lighting world.
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    Basic display with warm white mini lights.
  1. I use black 1/4" 2:1 heat shrink tubing for any repairs I do to my mini light strings. Unless you are on top of the repair both during the day and at night black tends to blend better with the dark green wire. The green heat shrink is much lighter than the standard SPT wiring and tends to stand out when you are within 10' of the repairs especially during the day and within 5' at night with the lights off.
  2. http://www.cabletiesandmore.com has a bunch of different heat shrink options including colors and bulk rolls, pretty cheap too. Most colors up to 1/2" are less than $1.00 per foot. Spools come in 100, 250, and 500 foot lengths all in different color choices.
  3. If you are looking for LED's, give Reinders.com a shot. They sell only 70 bulb LED M5 strings. You will have to "request a quote" on their site and they will get back to you within 24 hours. With the amount of lights you need to order (about 42 strings) they might be able to work on some sort of a price deal with you. I have ordered from them numerous times in the past and they are excellent to work with.
  4. Here is a bogo deal and they are specifc to snowglobes.... http://www.yardinflatables.com/Bag-of-Snow-Pellets_p_1296.html
  5. Pumpkin King thanks for the help and tips
  6. Between my Halloween and Christmas displays all of my M5 mini-light strings are sealed LED's and I have gotten them from a couple of different vendors. I have used 1000bulbs.com, Reinders.com, and christmas-leds.com for my lights. The quality, brightness, and functionality all seem to be relatively equal IMO and have only had lights fail from one vendor (not one I listed). All have great preseason sales and good prices throughout the season.
  7. Pumpkin King - when you made the foam plugs for the bottom of your fun-kins what color did you paint the outside (Delta Ceramcoat - Pumpkin?) and what color, if any, did you paint the inside? I have a couple of pumpkins on ground level and want to make sure the plugs can't be seen when up close.
  8. Very impressive! Would love to see a picture of the Grinch when you get him finished.
  9. Hobby Lobby is including Fun-kins in their 40% Fall Decore sale. Large Fun-kins regular price $29.99, on sale for $17.99, Medium Fun-kins regual price $25.99, on sale for $15.59. The one over by me had Large, medium, small, pink, and white Fun-kins.
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