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  1. By the way stay away from Tiger, Sams club cctv sets, just a word from past and folks who tried and then called.
  2. I am in Broken Arrow, Cedar Springs Estates, our addition is growing into the light displays, the News,( News 6 and Fox 23) have given us Little Rhema, we are off of 129th E Ave between 81st and 91st. Multi home displays. This year I had a 4' x 5' video screen in the middle, christmas video and welcoming folks.
  3. I install camers, there are great folks at www.cctvhotdeals.com up north. I have an 8 channel dvr, next christmas will be up to 16 after I got some 28"Sheep stolen out of my life size nativity, way more cameras out front with the alarm turned on those yard cameras.Half of mine are pan, tilt, zoom cameras.
  4. I had several 28" blowmold sheep in My christmas display, not the 18-20" but 28" lomg, I didn't get one screwed down and someone came up and stole it out of the nativity, all I am finding now is the smaller ones, anyone have ant ideas who may or were to find them.
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