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  1. Who is the best cost and service for rope light, I am looking for the rope that has the two colors in one rope and a controller for it. any ideas.
  2. This year we made it with nothing stolen, 13 cameras in front and 2 in back with signs and a cable thru every thing, so happy, all my sheep stayed in the yard, thankful.
  3. Well after getting a slow start, and as the Doc came up with, "THE FUNK" we had a great Christmas, right at 4000 toys to Toys for Tots, Lot of warm clothes for our Family on the streets of Tulsa, we are again Blessed, and already thinking about next year, have a video picked out for the screen in the yard and more ideas. Hope the Funk in our lives can be past and have an amazing 2014.
  4. My 2013 Christmas. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:584]
  5. I totally love Nativities, and this year I added the Cross for the complete story, with a video that ties the story together. Love both of the pics above.
  6. Ok it's all worth going out in the snow and wind to turn every thing on, several limos, two trolley's and tons of cars, it's Monday night 7:00pn 18 deg. and folks still coming by it's worth it now.
  7. We got a little sleet and 6" of snow with -2 this morning, warmed up to 18 this afternoon. I have a hot air balloon with Santa in it but no way can I get to him to air up so he is down until Wed. when the heat wave comes 35deg and maybe melts the ice on the roof.
  8. I have a CZE-7C I picked up on EBAY, works great for about 2 blocks.
  9. We did get 6" of snow also and no controller.
  10. I have a 12' green led tree, last night when I turned every thing on the majority of them were dim, it's 18deg out, are they effected by cold temps, after being on for a while they looked ok, just wondering.
  11. Big Lots has a great price on theirs, I buy mine from them.
  12. Every thing including the video A+++++++++++ Great job.
  13. Last year I had 8, upgraded to 16, have the front really well covered, I have one HD IP came in the back as well as a ptz, 2 ptz's in the front, thinking about more. How many do You have on Your display?
  14. Scott Thanks for making me laugh, I had every thing up but could not get my transmitter to work, had an ugly BUZZZZZ, got on line and pulled up the manuel and went back thru the set up and it's amazing IT WORKS. Google is so amazing
  15. It's like hankp123 said, Just think of the kids, there comments, the wonder, just don't think of the back pain, the power bill, the taking down of the lights. Have had folks stopping by and thanking us for doing it, an SUV stopped and the Child said I see Baby Jesus, look Grandma Baby Jesus, those are the times that make it all worth the long hard days to set it up and fight Inflatables on the roof in the wind, Yep it's worth it.
  16. Still working but up and going, had tons of folks by, 3 limos 1 bus, so here we go.
  17. Very Nice, glad You have the snow.
  18. Got these folks looking for a place to stay, said there was no room at the Inn. Part of our Homeless Family. Come by and say hi if in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa area, and bring warm things to wear for John 3 in our driveway, and a toy for Toys for Tots across the street at Kevin's.
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