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    just regular incandescent lights, looking to expand
  1. what are the best lit clips for c9 bulbs.
  2. I found this on Youtube, really nice...
  3. Thanks Dave I will check it out....
  4. This is the answer I was searching for. I am a newbie and I was afraid of asking a silly question. I have a bunch of incandescent c9s but they break all the time, I wanted to know if I could buy LED c9s and use it on the existing string. Any suggestions on who I can order these from.
  5. adg71

    C6 Icicle Lights

    I typed something else out but my 18 month old kept pressing the keyboard (he is sleeping now, thank God) Thank you for answering my question, I am really new at this so any help is greatly appreciated .
  6. adg71

    C6 Icicle Lights

    as Thanks for your help Mike.
  7. I wanted to ask this question here instead of in the Lights section because I must be missing something obvious. I am looking at pre ordering about 12 strings of c6 icicle lights. One vendor has 12 strings per case for $201 the other Vendor has 24 strings per case for $266.20 Am I missing something why is one product almost $5 more. They seem to be very similar products. Thanks in advance Description number one the more expensive item. https://www.creativedisplays.com/product/746/C6-LED-ICICLE-70-LIGHT-BLUE/ Description number two. http://www.magicinthesky.com/lighting/2012.pdf
  8. Thanks for your response, I will restring.
  9. I have two old incandescent Reindeers can I switch out the bulbs for LED. Please forgive silly question, I am very new to this....thanks.
  10. Looking to order some icicle lights, I see that the box store ones are longer, while online they are 7 or 7.5' Is there a reason for this. I am very new at this. Thanks
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