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    Luke 2 & part of the book of Matthew tell a good Christmas story.
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    Near Drayton Valley, AB Canada
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    I'm a lean, mean, lighting machine since 1986.
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    I like camping in the Canadian Rockies. Hiking in the fall.
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    I once had 25,000 lights that ran via Light-O-Rama controllers, but now that I sold a lot of stuff I am down to around 6,000 to 10,000 depending on the year. So this year (like in a couple of weeks) I am going old school & going back to 2 regular Mega trees with LED lights (12 channels each tree), 11 mini trees with LED lights, 4 arches using smart Pixel Nodes, and a Pixel Node Spiral Tree. No 24 x 50 Matrix. Please see About me below.

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  1. Just curious if you solved the problem?.
  2. Thinking about the 2015 season & I started to sequence for another year. Oh & I am enjoy going here.. http://www.lightenupcanada.com/

  3. Do you need some sequencing done then please contact Scott at [email protected] If you have questions please contact me.

  4. Do you need some sequencing done then please contact Scott at [email protected] & let negotiate a fair price.

  5. Buy the Gen.3 MP3/Director Unit to run the show & keep the Laptop or Deck Top free for internet & sequencing. .
  6. You could dub those 9 channels as "Dead Channels" because those channels are where the various voice/instrument goes. This is the hardest & where the most work will be but once you have all the various markings down then the rest of the actual sequence that make the lights dance goes much smoother, faster. My Lcc file already contains the 10 "Dead Channels" & that is why I skip right to the upload "saved configuration template " section. For the most part my display items usually only change & sometimes how the controllers are set up, & even if the controller set up does change
  7. I was wondering if this thread was still active. I was thinking of this thread & that got me to thinking about this singer I know. She sends me new music to use in my display these past 2 years (3 songs). I used 2 in 2012 & 1 this past season. She & her friend Anthony sent me a upbeat song (the one for 2013) that I used & so I posted a comment on Anthony's YouTube channel & said maybe you can come up with something upbeat to the little Drummer Boy. The problem is that I will need to wait until Sept. or October before I can ask the girl about my idea. I do not want to take a
  8. Actually most of the displays I see have a singing tree, or pumpkin, or Santa & so words need to be used. Also, it depends on how well you get each word down as timing marks. You can get the words bang on if you take some extra time. Then you can get say the mini trees to sway to the words too. If a person has 7 to whatever amount of mini trees then you can make them sway from side to side just like you can with any of the parts music. " Take the song Holly Jolly Christmas. "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas"...sway right...."It's The Best Time Of The Year"....sway left. In some if not most ca
  9. That is the only thing I can relate too in your post. lol However this kind of weather is typical Edmonton, AB weather. Snowed really heavy the whole month of November & most of December up to about December 21and it was like 3.5ft of snow & because of the cold it simply stays & does not melt. I had to shovel the front yard to see my mini trees, fans & what not. The snow & cold kept people away until the weather warmed a to 32F then the folks came for the last 1.5 week up until last night. Other than that everything went well once I got the CCR Matrix to work just before
  10. I use it. This year I got the dub audio bang on quickly. I got them bang on the last few years but before this year I had to keep trying until I got it. This year was a good year for me I guess. lol Once you get that dub audio bang on you won't here the original video recording.
  11. Christmas Time Gladness By Marcie Joy & Anthony Webster. I am using this song by permission. This is a fast past song with lots of action. I edited the song by 33 seconds simply because of time. Sequencing this song put me to the test. I want to thank Marcie & Anthony for sending the song to me.
  12. Like what? Of course shipping from Edmonton, Alberta could cost $$$ However please let me know more details.
  13. This is the 2nd sequence I did in Superstar sequencer. Each one I do teaches me more. I am now on sequence 7 & it is really testing me. lol By the way Brian Bruderer takes good care of us. Very helpful.
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