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    Mr. Christmas control box for the 1st year in 2011. like to change display a little each year.

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  1. I did ask LOR this question and they just replied "go to your local best buy or radio shack and tell them you want to play music from your lap top, they should point you in the right direction" ....
  2. its kind of like in Ghostbusters when bill murray has no idea about the tech aspects of what he is involved in . I can buy those ext. speakers from radio shack {you use 1 unit or 2 } I have an old stereo but how do I connect to the lap top? Pretend I know nothing !!
  3. doing a 16 ch. LOR for the first time . what would be an easy ext speaker to buy to plug into my lap top. thx., Mike
  4. I want to wrap the 2 landscape front yard trees branch by branch, move the large snowflake ( barely lit in this pic) from over the front door To over garage. Also need more snowflakes over garage. I have 3 sets of 6 candy Canes mounted on painted 2 by 4's that are hard to see . I have wal mart mini Trees for 2013 too. My kids mad we're not using our inflateables anymore but I told em We're trying to go "Holdman" . Sadly, my 6 yr. old knew what I meant. Any advice Welcome , I have no ego among the pro's.
  5. "Wait until they see the full operational power of the Death Star " (at least in my neighborhood )
  6. Got controller today. Thx to UPS ground and a train derailment In N. Mexico. (I'm in Az.) goodbye mr. Christmas controller
  7. Ok, now I was going to buy the pc ctb16pc starter kit for months now..{$307} the mad grab sale came on and i see just the pc-ctb16 {regularly $259} is on sale for $205 . I grabbed one of these and a generic starter package. for about $43 , total order was $277 with shipping[got it in first minutes ]. would of been $330 for the "starter package. I'm paranoid. did i get the same thing. all i can tell is my cat 5 cable is 10' instead of the 25' starter pack..is this right ??? I'm in the big leauges now and green .
  8. Thanks ! I need more lights! Your show looks like one of the best of the best! I had seen this clip before, i'm tired of being on the sidelines. My house is the best in the neighborhood in my opinon. someone suggested the neighborhood have a contest next year , nobody around here has LOR except I will for 2013 ! "wait until they see the full operational power of the death star"!!! hoo hahahaha
  9. Vid. is too large, will fix. here is what I did this year . It is static/ mr.Christmas . Led flood lights flashed on house , roof line {white LED} trees, bushes, snowflakes etc. flashed. Next year I will wrap individual branches on landscape trees, get more snowflakes , move large flake that is over front door to over the garage and some other things. Want to run it with LOR 16 ch. starter pack. I picked up seven 3 foot artificial trees for front yard, small snowflake lights and LED's at target/walmart in after Christmas sales. This year the landscape trees had 300 color lights flash to mr.Christmas and 300 on static . Windows and arches had 100 flash and 100 static {needed to do upper window}. this looked good and didnt overload the wattage on GE mr. Christmas.mega tree had a few white lights moving to mr. Christmas. I want to change it up with LOR maybe go red and green with the colored icicle on roof line and cool white LED's still. Will do speakers only for music the 1st year LOR 2013. Trying to crawl before I walk and at this point don't know how to crawl ! Thanks, Mike
  10. Sir , thank you. I'm still in the G.E. mr. Christmas mind set. On that controler I had 6 outlets , off the top of my head each outlet could take only 240 watts so only about 6 strands of lights per outlet. what i had on one outlet for example would be 3 incan. strands on one landscape tree running to a power strip that plugged into one of the mr. Christmas outlets . then I would run 2 LED strands or something to the same power strip to not exceed 240 per outlet . I could plug in more lights this way....Now the starter set LOR has 16 plug- ins . how many watts per outlet can this LOR take and can I use power strips to max out lights?? I really am in the dark on LOR but I have a lap top to dedicate to it and lots of lights, power cord and artificial trees...will try to post this years mr.Christmas vid here later... Thank You, Mike in Peoria, Az.
  11. Vid. is 2012 , my house in Peoria Az. using Mr. Christmas . I am going with the LOR starter package for 2013 . The 2 real landscape tree, I want to wrap individual branches . I have too many questions about LOR but here are a few; I plugged electrical power strips into 4 of the 6 mr.Christams outlets for more "plug-in ability" . I did not go over the limited recommended wattage. can you do this on a 16 ch. LOR ? I want a mixture of sizes and colors of snowflakes over the garage....If you have a multi function item and set it for steady on {example my white snowflakes} can LOR control this or does the multi function wiring interfere?
  12. Don't let the bastards get you down- John Wayne . If and when my display gets vandalized like some in my area , I will put more motion sensor lights and other measures, including a spot lighted sign that lets all know We wish all Merry Christmas and there is nothing you can do to stop Christmas Spirit in the Hearts of everyone !!!!!
  13. Saw the vid on you tube for design of this. {mega tree for $60 } . I use 2 mr. Christmas for yard. on this mega tree design you have; 6 color strands , 6 clear , 6 color , going up and over the top. Are only the 6 clear plugged into the controler? looks like they chase each other. is it one of the 6 strands each in a channel? only 6 strands total can go into one GE channel {40 watts a strand for 240 watts max per channel} . running tests tonight ... going LOR next year !! thanks.
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