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  1. It's been a while since I've been here... I think I'm gonna try to do something this year after a three year absence from this hobby... Hope everyone is doing well...
  2. LOR 1602 Controller for sale. $220 plus cost of shipping (your choice of method please)... Email or PM... Thanks!!
  3. Our thoughts go out to you during this time of mourning. Let us know where the trust fund is being set up.
  4. OH!!! BMG!!!! That's funny because we were going to use that for our "outdoor" light show!!!!
  5. Did they consider gift wrapping it for ya? LOL!!!
  6. Are you talking about the guy with the water show?
  7. DANG! I paid full price, but we've been enjoying it for a month now...
  8. Here's the sine wave if you need it. http://deadlikemeonline.com/media/sine.wav
  9. The Tunecast II will turn off when it's not transmitting sound. It should turn on automatically when you start your light show, if you start it loud enough. In my audio startup, I generated a five second sine wave that goes off to turn it on. Regardless, you will have to keep music going through it to keep it on. Now, if you run down to Radio Shack (this is what I did), they'll find the AC adapter plug to go into it and attach it to a universal transformer. Trust me, you don't want batteries, and if you havn't done it yet, do the antenna mod.
  10. Yeah, the easiest way is to burn a CD with iTunes, Rip it with Media Player and use Audacity to convert it to wav.
  11. CHRISL1976 wrote: From what I've been reading, a standard 100 cnt set is about 17" around 3/4" PVC. But, it wouldn't be too hard to test.
  12. Hahaha! I did that the first year too!!
  13. I have both types from Darryl. The C9 base and the plugged curtain strobe. Of the 42 Strobes I bought and used in 06, about 10 of them are fairly shot after using them this year. I like the C9 strobes from Christmas Light Show, and will continue to buy them. But, you have to be careful how you use them. They're not watertight, nor are they water resistant. Be sure to add some extra silicone caulking around the lenses.
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