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    I have a disabled brother who comes to spend time with us every Christmas. Each year we make it a point to take him out for a drive to see Christmas Lights throughout town with our last stop always being in front of our own house :)
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    Every year we extensively decorate our yard for Christmas and Halloween. I saw an impressive lights display in a neighboring community and decided I wanted to give this concept a try!
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    Holiday decorating, Sheepshead, Biking, Hiking, Camping
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    PACS Administrator
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    I am going to start this year with two LOR 16 channel controlers and a showtime MP3 director. I bought the Coro Halloween Monster quartet to start with and am looking around for Xmas ideas

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  1. Thanks a bunch! I will send you those when I return home from vacation on Sunday
  2. I have 10 songs from last year and about the same amount I am trying to add to my show this year. I have added a couple of additional 16 channel LOR controllers that will be running a couple of new props in my show. In all I believe it's 144 channels and includes the singing monsters. I am wondering if anyone out there has some sequencing to any of the below songs that they would be willing to share. I am thinking I may be able to copy and paste a bit into my show. I would be willing to share back what I have from last year's show (see sequences on our website www.jaegerholidayhaus.com) Here i
  3. Have you seen these things? I am wondering if they would help reduce the number of GFI trips?
  4. We bought a locakable money box at Office Max. Hubby cut a hole in it big enough for money to be inserted. We then mounted it sideways on a pole. Sorry no pictures to provide right now.
  5. This year we are incororating a pixel sign into our display. I would like to be able to take a video and somehow convert that video so it runs on my pixel sign during a particular song. Is this possible and if so what do I need to make this happen? We use LOR sequencing software. Plan to use Sandevices controller to run the pixel sign.
  6. They aren't much, but I did them myself http://www.youtube.com/embed/q0OI1INzD3I I have a "How to" posted on my Website if anyone is interested. www.jaegerholidayhaus.com
  7. I am fairly new to this world. I actually started with Halloween this year and am now looking towards Christmas. We will be attempting a 12 CCR tree among other things and I have some questions specific to these ribbons: Do the ribbons need to be encased in some sort of protective device when used outdoors? (I live in Wisconsin) Are there any plans available for construction of a 12 CCR tree? I am understanding that I will not be able to use my Showtime director for the 12 CCRs and will in fact need to have 3 networks available to me (2 for the 12 CCRs and 1 for the remaining 6/16 channel con
  8. I think I bit off more than I can chew for the start. I am new to this and am having troubles figuring out the sequencing of the monster quartet. I decided to just purchase some sequences from Holiday Coro for some songs. I am using the monster sequencing parts and am editing the rest to suit my needs. However, I am looking for sequences to a couple songs they do not offer. In particular I would like Werewolves in London and Rock Party Anthem. Anyone on here willing to share these or any other monster quartet sequences? This would really help me get a grip on what I'd like to do! Thanks for
  9. Has anyone ever painted light bulbs (either minis or floods)? If so what is the best type of paint to use. Thinking neon green and purple for Halloween!
  10. OK so I am new tom this and am gathering everything I think I'll need to get this job done! I'm currently looking into FM transmitters. I have already purchased the LOR Showtime director and need to know if there are certain FM transmitters that will or will not work with this unit as I really do not want to have my PC working the show. I am looking at the mobile blackbox units. Do you know if they would work?
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