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  1. You are wise to start early. I was gonna start Nov 1st but seems like it is going to be a rainy weekend for me. Good Luck Alex Eugene, Oregon Hippie Town USA
  2. That's right, this weekend I am taking care of the very top of my house. Unfortunately Oregon has plans of its own. This weekend we will be getting light rain. We will see. This is the first time that I use C9s. I am replacing all my minis with C9s. I hope it looks good. I am almost done with some stuff but I am starting to get nervous about the calendar. Like people say "Que sera... sera!
  3. Wow, you guys are working very hard this year. I decided this year to reproduce Richard Holdman's old display. What a headache. However, I think it will be worth it. I completed 20 songs already and the voiceovers. I am I need to finish 9 white color trees with clear, red and green lights on each of them. Believe me, finding those lights with white color cable was a nightmare. I got the clear and the red from Walmart at 2.44 a box however, the green (white wire) seems to elude me. I finally had to bite the bullet and order them on the Internet from a company called Christmas Lights etc.. www.christmaslightsetc.com I ordered 50 they only had 38 available. What a drag. (I paid 7.75 per box-Too much money) I guess I'll start with that and hope for the best. ****, I'll spray paint the remaining strings of green lights if I have too. I Guess I am on track to begin the build up the first week of Nov. That will keep my mind away from the election coverage. (I am a political junkie) I decided to also buy a brand new computer just to run the show. Nothing too powerful...just good enough to just do one thing...Run the show. You see every year I tell my family that the computer is running the show and that the audio is being transmitted , but no one listens to me. They play music, games and other programs on top of the LOR. Thanks God I monitor the show most of the time on a portable radio so I catch them most of the time. It just bugs me that they never listen. Alex
  4. Found the site so guys here it is... http://www.sparkleball.com/ They got all you ever wanted to know about the sparkledballs and were afraid to ask. Enjoy Alex
  5. It was not my idea. I found a website with the whole thing. I sort of lost the site address but I'll check my backups for it. The cubs hold water and ice so in order to stop that I burn 4 or 5 holes around the base and on the sides. This allows water to pass through all the way down. There are different ways to place the lights. You either make 3 or 4 holes (depending how many colors you are planning to use) I use 3 holes (clear, green and red and sometimes blue) to place my lights. This is very hard to explain without pictures or drawings so I'll get them and post the data tomorrow. When I was building my prototypes I tried different ways, cup sizes, light position,etc... I got to say, most of them look real stunning at night. The people from the website build them with just one color, however I love to see them changing colors. Using 3 colors is okay, however the 4 color one I build was a pain to complete. Anyway, I'll get more pictures or the official website by tomorrow. I got plenty of other crazy projects to share so... stay tuned. Alex
  6. Thanks for the good wishes. I decided this year to copy most of the Richard Holdman's look. My house looks very similar to his son I am going to create my own version or Richard's house. He doesn't seem to mind so I guess it is okay. I'll do a merge of his songs and mine and I'll get my neighborhood all happy despite the economic news. Hey, I created a huge Faberge Egg made out of clear plastic cups. it has more than 3 hundred cups and it looks real neat. I also created huge lighted balls that are real beautiful. I can't believe all the cool stuff I am building with my hot glue gun and plastic cups. I'll try to post pictures soon. (However, some A-hole stole my 2 thousand dollar camera when I lend it to my wife when she went to Ashland on a trip) I hope you guys are having better luck. Take care. Alex PS. www.eugenechristmaslights.com
  7. Wow, I am really behind this year. I got to get more lights ASAP to finish 9 mini trees. While I wait I am working on the electrical extensions and all the infrastructure I need around the house. Unfortunately I suffer from myasthenia Gravis ( a disease similar to MS) and that really puts me behind most of the time. I try to work the whole year but when the weather gets hot, my MG slows me down. During spring and summer I can't work on anything that require any physical activity beyond walking a few hundred feet. That's when I work on my sequencing. When the weather gets cold however, I begin feeling almost normal again. I am glad I feel better during winter because my wife hates the show so she gives me a hard time about the whole year. No help from her and my kids are too young. Hey, When are you guys planning to start an area club or something? Let me know, I am willing to travel Alex PS Nice to meet you all.
  8. I got a one just like that right accross the street. He has told everybody that he hates my lights. On Dec 2nd I saw Carson's Video on the internet and I got hooked. I got my first LOR machine (16 channel) and I modify my display to look as much as Carson's Display as I could-granted, I only had 16 channels and not many lights. I could not belive the reaction, the locals loved it, the grumpy guy had a meltdown and almost went balistic:devil: on me before the cops took him away for a few hours and chilled him out. He seems to be accepting the light now.... I'll watch my back anyway. People are just stupid. I'll post a video of my light so you guys can see what I did wwith just the 16 channels and the music. (by the way, you can only hear my music standing right in front of my yard and my display only runs from 5PM (it gets dark really early in Eugene, Oregon) to 8PM then from 8PM until 10:30 I had some nice mellow program with no music.) My advice, sometimes you can't change people so IGNORE THEM :cool:and let them rot inside. Life is just too short and Christmas is just once a year. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year you all.:tree: Alexander Ponce-Bonano:)
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