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    Married and have 3 teenagers.
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    Interested in having having an elegant Christmas display.
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    Wireless Telecom
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    Just getting started, 2012 will be the first year for animation. Got 2nd place, HOA competion, in 2011 with a static display and need to step it up to ensure 1st place in 2012
  1. I've bought mine over the last 2 years at Sears on closeout after Christmas. Bought them will clear lights on them and added my own red and green.. Cheers
  2. Hello: This an old thread, but I have the exact same question. Just curious if folks have addtional experience to share on the topic. Looks like there are two options: Twist all the wires together, with cordless drill, and use zip ties to hold them together Wrap each color seperately Cheers, Mike
  3. Mike, I believe you illustration confirms my understanding. Now just need to find a source for the switch where they don't cost $50. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi Mike, Wow, I like it. It takes the second proposal I had and goes one step further. Please see my new attachement and see if I interpreted you correctly. ElectricalHookup3.pdf Cheers, Mike
  5. Thanks! That sounds affordable. Regards, Mike
  6. Cool. Looks like I have a solution. It appears that it will take a 3 gang box (GFI outlet, 3-way switch, and male outlet). Did the drawings in MS Power Point. Boxes and lines and that's it. Now just need to figure out this Minions for LED floods. Did a Google on it and didn't get what I expected. Last time I looked at LED floods they were $50-$75 each and then couldn't be pointed upward outside. Regards, Mike
  7. Hi Cory, just saw your post after my recent post. Seems like you suggestion is very similiar to my 2nd proposal in the attachment. Except you have a switch also controling the LOR while I just have it plugged into the GFI? Regards, Mike
  8. Dennis: Came up with an alternative proposal. However this presumes that you can use a 3-way switch for switching power source (is that viable?). The switch would control if the power was coming from the photocell or if it is coming from the male plug. I updated my drawing to include this idea (Proposal #2) on page 2. It seems a bit simpliar then the other proposal, only gotcha is that the GFI will always be present for the flood lights. That should be no big deal. This option wouldn't have a hot male plug. See attached page 2.ElectricalHookup2.pdf Regards, Mike
  9. Takoda: Thank you for the help. Looks like a 3-way switch may do the job. Still a little bit confused on hooking in the male plug to control the flood lights from the LOR controller. I have attached a diagram of how I see it working with the 3-way switch. Can you provide a pointer on hooking in the male plug? I don't want to inadvertantly make the male plug "hot". ElectricalHookup.pdf Gmac: I'm fortunate where I have four 20 amp circuits controling about 4 lights each. Each light being 90 watts. I'm not sure if/how I would use the floods in the show, but I want to at least be able
  10. Hello: My house currently has landscape flood lights that are connected to several dedicated 20 AMP circuits that are controlled with photocells. The photocells are installed on top of a single gang box with blank cover. I want to be able to do the following: Install GFI electrical outlet to provide power for LOR controller - pretty straight forward, got that figured out Control the flood lights with the LOR controller Do the wiring in a manner where I have normal function of the flood lights via photocell throughout the off season, but be able to switch over to control the flood lighting
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