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  1. Thanks for the compliment Randy. It was a fun project, but man, getting the details of the teeth in there was painful, literally, as I ended up pushing all of the bulbs through by hand. Could scarcely feel my finger tips by the time I finished. :laughing:
  2. I just checked back on LORSequences and you are absolutely right Mike. Checked out your original, it looks awesome. I agree it is interesting to see different people adaptations of the same song or sequence. Thanks for sharing the sequence, it is working out well for me!
  3. Randy, I just wanted to breeze by and post my thanks for this excellent talking head write up. I have finally completed my first one that I will be using for Halloween. I posted a quick vid of a test I did with it, here: http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum39/17247.html I now realize I must do one of these for Christmas 2008. Thanks again for the tips!
  4. Thanks for the comments! Yep, 4 mm coro. I bought a 4'x8' sheet and cut it in half for this prop. It is the first time I have touched coro, I was surprised with how relatively easy it was to work with.
  5. Thanks alot, we are having fun. I can't wait to see the kids in our neighborhood. Love your vids too, great job.
  6. We don't put our stuff out until Halloween day. It goes up and comes back down the same day. So here is some test footage shot on my back porch. All thanks to Marty for the initial talking head ideas, and to Randy for the awesome right up. Also, I used a Lorsequences.com sequence as a base for Thriller. I may post up some actual Halloween night footage later this week.
  7. I have always wanted to do this prop. Unfortunately I have never figured out where I would put it. So for now a flying crank ghost is as advanced as I've gotten.
  8. The answer for me was simple. I did not have any outdoor outlets at all. I went ahead and ran 12-2 power cable from my panel to a spot where I grabbed a masonry bit and drilled a hole in my brick and block exterior wall. I drilled from the outside in through the mortar of the bricks for my power to run. Then I put some outdoor rated duplex outlet boxes with gaskets on the brick using brick anchors. I filled the boxes with 20 amp GFCI outlets. I installed 4 new 20 amp breakers and was good to go. Now I have power for my display, and my power tools outside. The materials cost me about a bit under $250.
  9. Ah, a Gremler tree is a variation of a mini tree. The name comes from the excellent right up Bill Gremler did of his tomato cage and garland mini trees. http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum13/3728.html I did the florist easel mini trees this year and want to add the tomato cage trees next year to add some depth to my display with the different heights.
  10. My list is modest compared to some, but here goes: 32 more LOR channels Double my light count or more (currently 7200) 5 Gremler trees (4 with 2 color change, 1 with 3 color change) more spotlights multi net lights strobes (lots of them) Of course there is also the usual extension cords, etc. too.
  11. I learned there is no such thing as too many extension cords. Whatever you think you might need, just go ahead and double it. I also learned that I need to expect questions from visitors. People asked me some of the craziest questions, next year I'll at least be prepared with answers to some of them. There is absolutely no possible way to satisfy everyone. There are about a million other things I learned. None of them have frightened me away from doing this again, and adding to the display next year.
  12. Target has them. I just bought a couple of sets for some wreaths. They are nice and bright.
  13. This is a great idea! I hope you don't mind me borrowing it for my own village display.
  14. Hey momawreck. I use the tapper wizard sort of like you are decribing. I setup a sequence for 1/10th and then use the tapper wizard to grab a beat, and then I apply it to my 1/10th grid. If there is a diffrent beat, or series that I want to tap separately from the main beat, I open a new sequence, set it to 1/10th, tap the new beat and add it to the sequence. I then copy and paste that into my original sequence. It is a little bit clugey, and I probably am not describing my process very well, but I have found it works pretty well on percussion heavy songs. Hope that helped. Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. Wow, digging out an old thread here! Axel F! That's awesome. Tom, if you wouldn't mind I would love to see that sequence. :dude: Since I got my 16 channel controller I have been all about Christmas, I've wondered what non Christmas songs would look like.
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