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  1. I've never done it myself but I have seen people make boxes with the bottom cut at the angle of the roof so the blow mold will sit flat on top of it. If you zip tie the bottom of the blow mold to the box the only thing you have left to do is keep the box secure. The ones I have seen people put weight in the box and sometimes tie a rope from the box to a deck railing or something in the back yard to keep it from sliding down the roof. hope that helps
  2. they look great, a little out of my budget for now but they look awesome
  3. @dclark6623 do you have any pictures of it lit up, seems like it might look even better than normal bulbs. Also how much did it cost you?
  4. Im planning my display for 2013 and i have enough lights that there wont be any dead spots on the entire lawn or the house. The only spot that isnt lit is a huge pine tree, right in front of my house. Its about 40ft tall so even with one of those christmas light poles from home depot and a ladder I still cant reach to the top. The tree is also too close to the street for me to be able to just put spot lights on it. I would love to rent a bucket lift so I could decorate the tree but Im only 16 and I cant afford it. Are there any (relatively low budget) ways that I can light up the tree? Im really just looking for any idea you guys can think of.
  5. I completely agree with you, I emailed someone on craigslist that had about a dozen blow molds and they said they wanted $400 for them!!!! The worst part is the blow molds that are "selling" for big money on ebay usually have 0 bids on them, people just price them high, the market gets destroyed and we get no blow molds.
  6. @bisquit476 do you think that would still work good with dome style leds, my red lights are mini domes and my greens are c7s but I could pop the bulb covers off to put them through.
  7. threnody for the victims of hiroshima by Krzysztof Penderecki is a very very creepy song for halloween, its a symphony tho I separated it into genres, as it goes further down it gets crazier, if the songs dont have clean lyrics most have versions on youtube that you can download and I have already found many of them. progressive metal dream theater - panic attack hard rock anything marilyn manson is super creepy AC/DC - Highway to hell, hells bells ozzy osbourne - mr crowly motorhead - jack the ripper avenged sevenfold - nightmare and scream rage against the machine - killing in the name of thrash metal slayer - raining blood, angel of death metallica - master of puppets iron maiden - number of the beast, fear of the dark Anthrax - Madhouse groove/death/hard core pantera - cemetery gates lamb of god - laid to rest, ghost walking, ressurection #9, Bloodletting slipknot - Iowa Mushroomhead - burn As I lay Dying - Condemned bullet for my valentine - hand of blood drowning pool - bodies escape the fate - this war is ours, the guillotine, or just about anything from their new album (self titled) in flames - sounds of a playground fading, take this life, fear is the weakness machine head - i am hell meshuggah - bleed sylosis - the fate of vultures Black Metal Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, most mayhem is really creepy sounding Burzum - Belus' Doed, Fra Verdenstreet is a lot of really cool chanting and stuff xasthur, dark thorn, dark funeral, gorgoroth are all really crazy black metal bands and the lyrics are in norwegian so you dont have to try to find a clean version hope this helps, if you would like to see more of any genres just let me know and I would be happy to help. I have already started working on programming laid to rest by lamb of god, nightmare by avenged sevenfold, and sweet dreams by marilyn manson for 16 channels and will probably be doing many other songs on this list. If you are interested in those ones tho, I can share them on ultra shows once I finish them
  8. Probably getting a light o rama this year and I am looking to make some changes to my halloween display to make it more of a light show. I have seen videos were people have their tombstones outlined in lights, I no they sell these kits from wowights but I think I could do it my self for a lot less money. Would it look good if I just wrap the outline of the tombstones with leds from my christmas light show, or would I have to use rope light or something like that? If other people have done this could you show me pictures or videos or even just explain it or let me know if this idea wont look good and will take all the spookiness out of my graveyard.
  9. Nox Arcana has some stuff that would be real good. If you are looking for metal I could list of tons of metal bands that would be perfect for a halloween light show.
  10. nightmare by avenged sevenforld is a good one, there is a clean lyric version also.
  11. I have seen many people do this and I am probably going to do this with mini trees next year.
  12. This year in the middle of the season one of my neighbors gave me 15 candy canes that are your standard stake into the ground plastic candy canes with mini lights in them. Since my display was already set up I didn't really know what to do with them so I just put them in an empty area. I was thinking that next year I would try to make a candy cane forest like in the movie Elf, but I'm not sure if people would understand what it is supposed to be. I was wondering if there is some type of Buddy the Elf I could buy or some other way of getting the idea across. Also at the after christmas sales I picked up 4 5ft tall candy canes.
  13. it took me at least six hours, the tree is about thirty feet tall but I could only get up about fifteen or twenty feet. In total the tree uses about 65 strings of multi color led lights, I had about thirty from last year and then I got the rest at home depots incandescent to led trade in sale, I paid only $3.50 a box. I cant really figure out how to post a picture of it to show you as I am new to the forums, but I do have one if someone could explain it to me.
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