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  1. I stopped at my local electrical supply house today and they confirmed that I was fine with doing it as planned but suggested I use grey pvc conduit rather than the white pvc to meet code. They also suggested I use large junction boxes underground that can be sealed and are weather resistant rather than the sewer clean-out. Now I'm trying to figure out how large a pipe I need for each run. If I use 16/2 wire for extension cords as many have suggested do you know how large a diameter 12 wires zip tied together is? I'd like to do a mega tree so 32 wires together would probably be a good 3 inche
  2. Thanks guys for the advice. I do appreciate it. I just bought my controller today and am now trying to figure out the various light counts and size bulbs I'm going to need. Planning on C-9s on the house and thinking either M5s or M6s for the Mega Tree and running around the trees. I'm trying to read up on so many topics so I don't make a major mistake. I was hoping to get in on an early purchase discount but it seems February may be too late. Paul your display looks great with the fake snow, thanks for sharing.
  3. I am planning on making my debut this year. I am wondering whether anyone has run their extension cords through pvc piping underground thus avoiding running them everywhere throughout the yard. I thought I would place clean-outs at various points around my landscaping and yard with the cords run underground in the pvc piping. I thought at the end of the season when I need to take down my display I would simply screw back the clean-out and leave the cords in there until next season and avoid the time to wind-up and store them. Has anyone done this? The two issues I thought of is water getting i
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