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  1. That helps, thank you. Now I can cheerfully plan on keeping it!
  2. Kind of sacrilege, but I know some of the blow mold people here do inflatables too! I picked up a couple of inflatables at a great price today - probably going to sell all but the Grinch w.Max and an 8 foot Witch Hat Pumpkin Tower on ebay. I have a 6 foot Thomas, 4 foot Elmo in a Happy Holidays bag, 4 foot Mickey and an 8 foot Pooh with a candy cane coming out of a Hunny pot. Pooh and the Pumpkin tower need fuses, which I'll do tomorrow. If anyone in Western Washington, or anyone who will be in Western Washington is interested - let me know. I'd be interested in trading inflatabl
  3. I picked up some inflatables today, including Thomas, the Grinch and Max, a 6 foot Pooh, a 4 foot Elmo and a 4 foot Mickey. I don't really have a lot of inflatables, but I got these for a good price and I figured I can sell them - particularly Thomas, I'll probably keep the Grinch as a backup for the one I have. Included was a pumpkin tower. I think I'll keep this one too - it's big at 8 foot and ...well...go big or go home! But when I looked for it on ebay I couldn't find any. Is this new? Old? Common? If anyone really wants Thomas for $100 plus shipping I'd do that. He's in good
  4. I love the snowman nativity! Definitely creative.
  5. I love carolers, and I love that you made Taz part of the group! He's definitely on my wish list.
  6. Your deer looks terrific. Glad it all worked out. Vandalism is such a sad thing, just meanness for the sake of meanness. It's like the anti-Christmas spirit. Your display is beautiful, and definitely counteracts pettiness.
  7. That's completely terrific! Definitely a centerpiece.
  8. Very nice! The choir is terrific.
  9. That is so nice to hear!!! Our display is much smaller than most on here, but it's the second largest on our street. Several families at Halloween made a point of telling me how much they loved our decorations. One family with little ones told me they always slow down when driving by our house. It definitely makes it worth it to me when I see the cars with kids slow and check it all out. When we first moved here, the guy up the street did a good sized display, and a few other people put out lights, or a decoration or two, but that was it. Our street has definitely escalated since then. I
  10. I have no idea...but WOW! How cool! Does he light up?
  11. That porch is a great place for a display. It looks terrific!
  12. I got that same set off of Craigslist a couple of years ago from a couple that were moving - I think I paid $60-$70 for the whole set. I was thrilled. I initially had the holy family and the wisemen. I've added a life size shepherd, a sheep, the shepherd's son (TPI, shepherd holding a sheep), and thanks to a pc'er an Empire star that looks absolutely fantastic. Still working on life size camels, eventually more sheep. The only complaint I have is that there aren't any life size animals. I'm glad you found a life size nativity! They don't seem to pop up much.
  13. Nice! Love the penguin and toboggan. Nice prop.
  14. Maybe everyone else in the area knew it, but I didn't! They're having a 3 day sale right now on General Foam Snowman with a blue scarf, and Santa with a list for $35, normally $45. I also saw a small Frosty for $21, a medium sized 3 pc Nativity set, Santa in a sleigh with a reindeer for $109? $120? Sorry, can't remember. Candy Canes, and all kinds of non-blow mold lighted tinsel type decorations.
  15. I have a similar sign - only it has "Santa Stop Here" on it. I love it - I was lucky enough to find it from a guy for fairly cheap a couple of years ago. Does the polar bear's head move, or did it use to? I have a similar one that I purchased years ago at Home Depot.
  16. That's terrific! We're lucky enough to have nice neighbors (although they haven't given us any blow molds!) too. It definitely makes life better to have good neighbors.
  17. You know what I wish they made - some Dr.Who characters, particularly a Dalek. Epic holiday battle between sci fi characters. Definitely Holiday Spirit.
  18. They don't fit in at all with anything I have. But I just had to have them! After reading the reviews on the Home Depot website, I might just put them in the front window. Supposedly they aren't that sturdy. If they'll fit in the two side panels of the picture window, leaving the center for the Christmas tree, that's where they may wind up. I can't really see them in the middle of the snow people village, or with the polar bear and penguin set, or Santa and his sleigh (although the Hippopotamus does hang out there!) or even with the bear family. I'm also really pretty sure Darth Vader would n
  19. Those are nice! I just love when you find something you remember from when you were a kid.
  20. Those are cute. I love snowmen. They're like potato chips. You can't have just one.
  21. Couldn't help it - I ordered these today. They aren't blow molds, and I rarely buy things before Christmas clearance....but I had to have these. I have no idea where I'm going to put them, they don't really go with anything else, but sometimes things just CALL to you.
  22. We had that when I was a kid - I'm going to guess originally purchased mid to late 60s. It was a long time ago, but I do not remember the cheeks being quite that rosy. Are they all that bright, or are there different manufacturers?
  23. I have a brand new, never displayed, complete with the tags Goofy for sale. I bought him from a lady who collected Goofy items, but she lived in a condo. He's never been outside. I waffled on selling him, but there's something specific I want, so although I love Goofy, he's the sacrificial blow mold. If he sells, anyway. ;-) I'm asking $200. I'm pretty firm on that - mostly because I'm not dying to sell him anyway, and that's right about the cost of what I want to buy! I'd take Home Depot gift cards in trade, if you happened to have those. I'd rather not ship, but I guess I can if
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