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    I am a themed entertainment designer living in Jacksonville, FL. I love seeing light and sound come together in perfect harmony, and when they do, it moves people. The one thing that inspired me to do what I do would have to be IllumiNations at EPCOT.
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    Lighting, drawing, creating guest experiences
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    Themed Entertainment Designer
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    This is a brand new seasonal event for 2008 located in High Point, NC. There will be no light show this year but we are planning for 2009 to blow people away with lights, fire, water, and other special effects all dancing to the perfect blend of music, creating a totally immersive Christmas experience.
  1. Kale! welcome to the boards man...I hope you got it all done back in NC this week, cant wait to see it! -Nate
  2. Ok as soon as i get a chance ill post that!
  3. If you want a very quick blast of water, your best bet will be to use air to propel it. One way to do this is to use a small air tank for air storage between bursts. Connect your water supply to a standard electric solenoid valve. On the air side, you will need 2 valves. One will be a 3-way solenoid and the other a super quick exhaust, or SQE valve. The SQE has a diaphragm inside that will allow all the air inside the tank to escape all at once when the 3-way valve is energized, thus letting all the back pressure off the diaphragm. You would connect your water valve after the air exhaust,
  4. Very well put GS...i couldnt have said it better myself. Ive made my share of video montages and the best places to change shots is not always on the beats, but when the music changes. You can create very dramatic effects this way. good luck.
  5. I am not very well versed in electronics, so i need a simple way to do this...I may could handle it if I knew exactly what parts to buy, but i dont. please help, thanks.
  6. I am looking for a device that sends a rapid pulse of electricity, say about 5-10 per second, to turn on and off a solenoid...12 or 24 VDC would be fine. Is this something that can be built with parts or something simple that Id buy? Please help, thanks! nate
  7. OK...here goes...all that i do is when i get the waveform in CEP, i will play short snippets of the song to see when the main beats occur and see where the playline crosses the waveform at that certain beat or whatever...i will put the marker on that point and insert a cue, this places that particular timecode on the cue list and marks it with a number..i will do this for every single cue where i want to change lights or effects. Once i get into AD, i will import the song, and then start inserting columns, editing the start time of the column to match each cue in CEP. This is the process that
  8. i will get with you soon and tell you more in depth, it is now 1230 am and im going to bed soon, but email me at [email protected] and we will talk, or if you have AIM, my SN is "icandrawem2" thanks man
  9. Its actually in Mint Hill a small town suburb east of Charlotte about 15 minutes from uptown. We are not doing the show this year however, because due to the high volume of traffic in the neighborhood we are going to have to relocate it to a public facility, also allowing us to do more with the show. I have also been doing the haunted attraction for 7 years now and it has become so big that this is our last year doing it at its current location! So if you like haunted stuff, id be more than happy for you to come down here and check that out. let me know, our website is www.nightmareon901.com s
  10. Not yet jeff, do you have any suggestions? I called a guy that is in charge of a large display in winston salem, NC and he told me that they bought most of their displays from overseas, but i mentioned the particular displays that have this effect and he never got back to me, so im going to keep after him so i can figure it out, because there has to be a way to do this other than running a separate wire for each light...that would make the line really bulky if you had say 50 lights or more. Each lampholder would have to "know" when to close the circuit and the next one would have to "know" to
  11. The video was posted on my haunted attraction website and i updated it last week so its no longer on my web server...but youCAN find it on eBaumsworld.com orhere under Jeff L's show. Glad you enjoyed it! nate
  12. Well I can improve my skills enough to make this happen because i want to do it very much. Shoot. Thanks!
  13. This is a private response I got back from another guy regarding what I am trying to do. Can any of you make any sense of this? I am not an electrical engineer and I really dont know all the electronics stuff to build what he is talking about. Thanks!
  14. MikeZ uses an intelligent moving head light for those dazzling effects on his house...which i think looks amazing, i am thinking of using some of those myself. Very good idea. You may want to ask him exactly what brand he has, i cant remember off the top of my head.
  15. Here is a scenario that I am toying with...50 bulbs spaced every 5 feet, a 250' strand. when the effect is triggered, bulb one will light, then #2, then #3 and so on...making it appear like a shooting star, or rocket if you get what im saying...at the end of the strand it will "burst" into a firework (a separate fixture obviously)...i need to do this without having to run 50 cables, one for each bulb...thanks
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