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  1. I have never seen repairable rope light. How does it work? Is it sealed like regular rope light?
  2. I have also had problems with a few led stand of mine I have mostly found that it is rusty leads on the led and and like dse said look for a bulb that is not as well lit as the others
  3. Awsome display but I could see close to a million with the size of some of the pieces and literally every thing having colors plus I'm sure those pixel walls take up a good little bit but nun the less a great display and can't wait to see it on tv.
  4. They look great can't wait to see them in the show
  5. hi every one i was up in jacksonville today and found this great place called tacolu (www.tacolu.com). talk about wow ask anyone around their and they will tell you the same they have the absolute greatest food. so if any one would like to go after the mini it is only 10 min away.But they told me it gets busy on sat and it is first come first serve unless you have a party of 8 or bigger so i am bringing 3 others with me if anyone wants to go let me know and i will make the reservation. and not to mention great prices Michael if you could pass this info one to the others that you know are coming that would be great Thank you sebastian James Hawes
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