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    Christmas Vacation.
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    Show Low, Arizona
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    DJ with all-audio light show.
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    DJ/Lighting Tech/Wildland Firefighter
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    All-audio controlled display to Honor our Nation's Heroes including Police, Fire and Military. It is about 20,000 LED lights that dance to tribute and music videos. There are 10 Channels/Frequencies that are used in the light show.

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  1. Nice imperial march video

  2. Christmas Light show dedicated to Honor our Nation's Heroes including Police, Fire and Military/Veterans.
  3. this is a popular song.
  4. My video of the popular song used in most other Computerized light show displays.
  5. Local News channel came out to do video of display/show to be seen on the morning show.
  6. Thought I should add this one.Popular at weddings.
  7. My display during XMas.More videos on youtube.com/djvelocity23
  8. Did a video of the popular song by LMFAO.It is all controlled by ALl-audio controlled light controller.
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