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    Abingdon, Virginia
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    My love for Christmas started at a young age and has continued with me to this day.
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    Christmas, Halloween, Model Trains, Landscaping
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    Home Improvement Store Manager
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    I enjoy using the c7 and c9 bulbs and primarily decorate indoors. I also enjoy collecting the animated figures that were popular years ago.
  1. Hello fellow decorators! I definitely like the retro look of the C7 and C9 lights and use them in the majority of my display. With that being said, has there ever been a pre-lit tree that used C7 bulbs at the regular retail stores? I know the pre-lit trees using LEDs are all the rage, but there's always the hope one of these may be available someday. Thanks!
  2. Hello, are the Holiday Innovations carolers harder to find than the older Poloron versions? I'm not a blowmold collector or displayer, but strangely enough I remember seeing a pair of carolers in my neighborhood growing up and what struck me as odd was the fact that the heads never lit up. One year I went and looked at them and there wasn't even a cord or socket for the head, just a bulb to illuminate the body. I also remeber the paint was extremely faded and the color wasn't a true red either, it was more orange. I found a picture of a pair on Blowmoldsrus and these are most certainly the closest match to what I've seen. As far as I know the woman that had them stills displays them every year too. Thanks!
  3. Hi- I'm new here and didn't see these figures mentioned anywhere so I wanted to get some opinions on them. Distortions Unlimited is one of the leading Halloween animatronic producers is the United States. They are the creators of the animated electric chair that is seen at so many haunts as well as the animated giant troll that is seen in two theme parks. Last year they ventured into the Christmas products and produced some animated elves and two Santas and a Mrs. Claus. A few people I've seen on Halloween related forums think that these animatronics seems kind of creepy, especially for something that is Christmas related. These are definitely geared for a commercial use because they are several hundered dollars each and are lifesize. I've attached three pictures below for you to look at. I think the elf is kind of creepy, but the Santa and Mrs Claus I think are okay. Now I'd like to hear from some of the seasoned pros out there, what do you think? Thanks, Christopher
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