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  1. Please click on the X out image. For some reason it is not posting correctly. This is an image of the bulbs off. On the left is the LEDS on the right is the Incans. This is the LEDS on This is the Incans
  2. I will post some pics this weekend. The Brightness is about as bright as the Ceramic bulbs now maybe a little bit more brighter.
  3. Hello all I am new to the posting forum but a longtime lurker. I wanted to see if there was any interest with the people here in purchasing C7 and C9 Opague (ceramic) Style LED Retrofit bulbs. Bulbs are plastic and dont break as easy as the old ceramic style bulbs. Each C7 Bulb uses .30 Watts and the C9 uses .40 Watts. C7 has 3 diodes while the C9's have 5 each. Colors are comparable to the old Style but the Blue tends to be a purer Blue. I will post pictures If there is any interest. Right now my camera is DOA. Should have it fixed in a few days. Bulbs are UL listed and can be dimmed. Tested on LOR. C7's are priced at 1.05 a piece must purchase in quantities of 25 C9's are priced at 1.15 a piece must purchase in quantities of 25 Colors will Be Red Green Blue Orange Warm White Other colors available if i can get enough interest. Pink Purple Yellow Cool White Items should be ready for June. I would require 50% deposit at time of purchase. This is strictly to gather interest in these bulbs. Thanks all.
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