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    Miami FL.
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    I am a chistmas lighting fiend
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    decoratinag and restoring christmas decorations that have ben handed down to me, or I have purchased.
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    IT Professional
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    See my facebook profile for my christmas lighting

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  1. Paul are you going to have another sale now for the christmas lights I am looking to buying 4 cases of lights from you and I would really like to see if I can get a sale or a discount.

  2. Johnny How did you mount the star on your pitched roof?

    1. Johnny A

      Johnny A

      We used the large Holdman Star sold by Christmas-LEDs.com http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=HLDMN-STR

      We built a frame from 2X4's and painted it flat black. The frame consists of three main pieces; the frame which the star is mounted and a two piece frame which rest on each pitch of the roof. The frames are bolted together with 3/8" bolts, nuts and washers. See attached pics.DSCN1791.JPGDSCN1753.JPG


  3. I have yet to start on my display, this was due to a death in the family (grandfather) but this weekend thanksgiving I will be starting the crazy christmas lighting. I willbe dedicating my lighting this year to him and his favorite number was 13 so I am putting up 13 soliders even though I have over 22 I owe it to him. Here goes nothing... Happy thanksgiving to all. Stay tuned for pictures

  4. Great Video How did you do the bases? and how many lights did you sting up?
  5. a great display and its always nice to commemorate someone on your display. I have my grandfather. its the true meaning of the Holidays.... Merry CHristmas
  6. I love the snow effect you gave your display, very with the season. Merry Christmas!!!!
  7. I could not agree more static is the way to go
  8. I am in Miami link is working I just checked it
  9. I completed mine also check this out... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=813590325323437&set=a.738123166203487.1073741826.100000174325481&type=3&theater
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