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  1. but as the rest said I would check to see if christmas lights would be exempt
  2. even if he would have more "working bulbs" that would not blow out other bulbs the more bulbs you have will increase the total amperage which you have to be careful of so you dont over load the wire plugs circuit etc... but it would not have any effect on the bulbs
  3. remember if you seal that end and if water gets in the bottom of the socket the water is trapped If you use these your sockets must be pointing up those gaskets have their purpose but not really ideal for this
  4. one thing I might add as well all the bulbs might be good check the sockets one of the contacts might be pulled down I found that out the hard way one time
  5. Welcome to the hobby that eventually becomes an obsession
  6. I am not sure yet I normally start it on Thanksgiving but since it is so late in the month I might Start it on the 25th but I will make my decision closer to time
  7. I am in Tower City PA http://sites.google.com/site/bearmountchristmas and the videos https://sites.google.com/site/bearmountchristmas/videos-1
  8. I dont see incan's disappearing all together I think it is the fact that more people are wanting to buy led's so they are trying to have a higher stock in led's but while I was in the Palmyra Lowes this last week I noticed it myself that the led section seems to have more but it still seems like they are still carring every color of incan thankfully christmas lights are not included in that bill where they are taking incandescant lights off the shelves
  9. I saw some christmas lights on the shelves at my lowes as well
  10. less than 35 days until the halloween display starts

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