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  1. They were advertised as WS2811, 5V DC, IP68.
  2. I built an RGB matrix that worked great until we had 2 days of rain. Now I have about 1/4 of a 50 node string stuck on white. One of the end bulbs flashes every once in a while to green or red. I am attaching 2 pictures, one of no the matrix with no signal being put out from the board, and one with a test mode. Does anyone have any clue as to what would cause this?
  3. To order the P12R you have to contact the sales department at [email protected]
  4. I did see he had a post about it on the DIY forum. Might look into it for future projects.
  5. @ireqs the j1sys.com website says that they are instock. @Brian000 yes you can connect multiple strings to one port
  6. I chose the Sandevice because I am all about having the ability to expand later and the E682 has the 16 ports where as the P12R only has 12. I did bring up the way they both are programmed, I am not against using the code, so therefore that wasn't the deciding factor. After seeing thebaronn's display and how the E682 worked with his matrix, which is the same thing I am building. I also had emailed Jim @ sandevice and asked a couple questions and this was his response. When I need to purchase another controller I could also purchase the P12R to try it out as well. But for the project I have decided to go with the E682 and I have purchased the assembled one. Compared to the controllers I use for my incandescent minis these Pixel controllers even assembled are half the price of my older controllers.
  7. I have decided to go with the sandevice E862.
  8. I purchased a power supply from ray wu (5v/350w dual output switching power supply) that will connect to the controller. Am I understanding it right that I will have to have additional power supplies to each of the 16 strings on the matrix. I know I will have to have an additional 12v power supply to use with the canes.
  9. I realized i didnt put all the information in. The 5v leds are on the matrix which will be right next to the controller at the longest the connected cables will be about 4-5'. The coro canes are 12v which I can inject power right at the first coro cane.
  10. Wow, info overload. Ok, the matrix 16 strings of 48 pixels. Can you connect 2 strings of 48 totaling 96 pixels without power injecting in between? These are WS2811 LED Pixel nodes 5V. The 1st connection between the controller and the 1st coro cane would be about 30' and then about 5' between each coro cane. Is this wishful thinking? I can inject power at the first coro cane, but can data be sent over 30' without degrading? I am also thinking of creating my cables using 22/4 alarm wire. Also, when you say that it supports 1020 RGB channels are you talking1020 nodes (one bulb) or 1020 / 3 (RGB channels for each node) meaning 340 nodes? Thanks for the help.
  11. My RGB project is a 16 x 48 pixel matrix and 10 - 8 pixel coro canes. a total of 848. is it possible for all 848 pixels to be controlled on either of these controllers or would I need a separate controller for the 10 coro canes?
  12. I am currently using 5 d-light controllers with incandescent minis and now I am looking to add some RGB lights to my display. I am wondering what the community thinks between these two controllers: Joshua 1 Systems - ECG-P12R SanDevices - E682 I am about to order my lights from Ray Wu's store, but I am just not sure which of these two devices I want to purchase. There is only a $3 difference. I do know that the P12R has a GUI style to setting up the controller where as the E682 has a webpage with command lines. Which one would you purchase or do you currently use? Thanks, Johnathan
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