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    miracle on 34th st ; the Santa clause (series) ; Christmas classics; a Christmas carol w/ George c. scott
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    nacogdoches, texas
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    i,m half native american ,french and irish
    married 4 yrs with 2 kids
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    been a DJ with the pulse radio for 5 yrs (see web site below )

    have a love for life and everything christmas its th best time of the yr

    i'm soon to buy the equipment to computerize my light displays thanks to LOR
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    under reconstruction cause of relocation
  1. slowly getting there

  2. i think i saw a star similar a while back ... if i remember correctly in the movie Superman ; with Christopher reeves ; the ship that left krypton
  3. I've done statics for decades ; i'm 3rd gen doing it in my family but I've made the move to animation of lights this season but like what I've read here i'm a traditionalist with a twist but my family and i have agreed upbeat Christmas tunes are where we are drawing the line i think noelB's mix of statics and then animation is a great idea that way i keep my family's traditions and still bring the show to the next gen as it should be ... .... to each there own ...
  4. try these 2 1000lights and novelty lights
  5. oh i have to agree even statics can b addictive LOL i'm 3rd generation of my family setting up yard displays just as Pc's can be just as addictive so thanks for the info on the vendor list
  6. hiya all i have a big ? for ya took my family to our 1st light show in 2011... got hooked reel me in i'm a noob at this so im still getting my feet wet with some of the software out thr (playing with them) LOR , LSP , MADRIX is thr any others out thr i missed and is thr any like MADRIX with a good intuitive program for sequencing so i can tweak it to my needs ... but won't burn ur fingers (price) in the process
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