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    I have been using light o rama for two seasons now,lovin every minute
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    for 2012 15000 lights and 80 channels
  1. you can buy a starter kit that has the usb 485 a 10 foot cat 5 cable and it includes the basic software free ,if you have not recieved your controller yet you may want to call lor and tell them you want the 16 channel starter kit
  2. another way is to hook your extension cord in the middle of the run and then you can run two on one side and two on the other side,,,,make sense
  3. if you have a nine channel arh then you will need nine string of lights,1 string per section. thats how you get then the chase,channels 1 thru 9
  4. wow that seems like a good price,only a matte of time untill we all see some lights
  5. my though on arches is do them in odd numbers so you will have a channel dead in the center of the arch,it will open up chases that you can do like starting at the top and chasing down. so like 7 or 9 would be nice. I would say with a 10 foot section with the spacing at the bottom the 70 count m5s will work well
  6. I have strobes from Christmas light show as well,nice strobes 3 to 4 flashes a second and very bright. you can find cheaper strobes but I have only found the ones with a slower flash rate. I bought some from wow lights,they are very well made but just don't flash enough for me
  7. thats a very good idea waiting until next year.however I was in your shoes acouple years ago and decided to download the demo version and I was hooked for good. so if you have not already go to the lor website and give it a spin,btw all your work can be saved and when you get your license it will controll lights cool huh
  8. nice work.I rememberit was a very short time ago for me as well,still when you see the lights working as you planned id very exciting. just a warning the closer you get to the real showtime that excitment turns to oh my gosh is it really time already
  9. I have strobes from cls as well,the ones I have flash 3 to 4 times a second.I bought some from wow lights ,but they only flash 1 to 2 times a second. I liked the faster rate seems to sparkle better. the ones from wow lights are well made,the only thing about the cls strobes are that the sockets comes loose from the base, still an easy fix
  10. I would watch how much power you will be drawing,10a in only 120 watts
  11. we are in the Dry ridge Area,love to see your diplay as well. also I know of three other displays close to me if you would like to check them out
  12. Hi my names is James and I have been using lor for two years now. I reconize alot of folks from the lor forum,but also a chance to make new friends. I still have alot to learn,but I think I can contribute some things I have learned. I have always enjoyed decorating for Christmas,but once I found lor, man it's all over know, totally hooked. James
  13. one thing nobody has mentioned yet is that you can try the demo of the lor software.I did the same thind almost three years ago before I started out on this crazy ride. If you try it out you may find out how easy it is to use,plus the good thing is once you purchase a license any work you saved will now controll lights(if you have a controller)
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