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  1. ChuckHutchings wrote: Pardon me, Chuck. I got the impression you were much younger. After all, you just accusedthe baby boomer generation, the generation that LAUNCHED the environmental movement, of not caring about the environment. I just found it humorous, that's all. While you may have slept through the 60's and 70's I am pleased to see you at leastwokeup sometime during Psyc 101.
  2. ChuckHutchings wrote: And Chuck, the folks of your generation are just as bad with that attitude as demonstrated by the often used phrase"whatever." Apathy knows no age.
  3. "my self promoting nature had 1/2 of the planetchristmas world thinking I was an egotistical nerd" Make that half plus one.
  4. There are a number of interests I have to juggle with my display. 1) a Fire hydrant 2) 2 water meters under iron lids 3) a tree that overhangs the road slightly 4) an access road to a water authority pump station 5) neighbors..mostly kids..that use that road to access a community wooded area behind my house. I have a large redbud tree that overhangs the edge of the road. I keep the canopy lights high enough that trash trucks, fire dept trucks, and my neighbors dualie can pass without hooking lights. However, redbuds have thin branches, so a strong wind will knock lights off the higher
  5. Here is a video from last year of "the" display I grew up visiting every year. The man who runs it used to teach shop with my dad. I had to laugh...before there was LOR, there were manure spreaders. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2006/12/15/VI2006121500453.html
  6. My first thought was, with all those flood lights I bet his electric bill equals mine!
  7. While I have dodged LOR issues this year by leaving the controllers sitting in their boxes, I have had my share of light and weather issues. Strong winds and a large truck succeeded in ripping all the lights out of the canopy of my large tree after only one week. I completely replaced those lights last weekend only to have another round of strong winds goof it up again this week. The circuit that tree is on is still popping the GFCI, so I can't tell how bad the damage is until I can fully trouble shoot. The most irritating trouble this year, however, is with the crappy quality of Target
  8. I have two styles of minilight bulb bases in mine along with one red color cap I found on the lawn that I was unable to match with a bare bulb last night.
  9. You know the Christmas light thing has gone too far (in some people's opinion, not necessarily your own) when folks start driving by your house 2 weeks before Thanksgiving just to see what you're putting up this year. Or, when contemplating your ownfuneral plans, you decide there should be some ceremonial "dimming of the lights" at yourservice.
  10. I ran into these while doing some online shopping and noticed that they don't appear to be as harsh looking as most LEDs on the market. http://www.gardeners.com/Rainbow-Holiday-LED-String-Lights/default/StandardCatalog.OutdoorHolidayLighting_Cat.36-820.cpd I was wondering if anyone had seen these bulbs in person andif so, do they live up to the retro-look as they claim? Warm C9 LEDs would be perfect, but I won't be snatching them up at $30 a string.
  11. Listening to the sound clips they have posted, they have a number of nicesongs on the CD; I think I'll have to buy it now!
  12. I had never heard of them before, but the song is on their Snow CD. http://www.gofishguys.com/
  13. A friend sent me this link and I am wishing I had run into it in time to synch lights to it!Christmas with a Capital "C" by Go Fish:
  14. I have a number of their stock pieces...the standing bear, the life-size saluting soldier, the howling dog and the kitten, and thepackage tossing sealsare from the past year or two. My new additions this yearinclude the reindeer stable, the elves loading the sleigh, and a horse. Hopefully, if my volunteer help comes through, I will have a Lori's custom-made C-130 and a parachuting Santa on the roof as well.
  15. Kristal, Congratulations on the new order from Lori's! Gene made a special order for me last year and I just love it. As for the blackout caps, I have also had trouble locating them. In the past I have found them at Michael's craft store, but so far no luck. Even my favorite supplier, www.christmaslightshow.com is out of stock. If you have just a few maybe you could wrap them in black electrical tape. For wad of lights at the end you could hidethem in a dark garbage bag cut to size. I have done both of these when I ran out of caps. I hope I can drive down and see your display!
  16. Wow Robin, I'm having an Aunt Bethany moment.
  17. Robin, Your welding ability is eclipsed only by your originality. That looks huge to me as an adult; I can only imagine the impression it will make on the little tikes!
  18. Ditto on all of the above. Clips are far better than tape for tightly placed lights. I would go so far as to add that if you are new to wireframes and/or like tightly spaced lights, clips are the only way to go. 1- If you find your lights are uneven, it's a very simple matter to reposition them with clips. 2- When lights are spaced tightly it becomes nearly impossible to trouble shoot problems and change bulbs out. With clips, you only need to turn the clip to the side or take the light base out of the clip to change a bulb.
  19. Richard, Watching that video got me thinking that someone might consider having car flags printed up to give to all the neighbors. The idea behind it being that those viewing the display would know to yield to residents just trying to get to or from home (instead of cutting ahead of them in line). Has anyone else ever tried something similar? As for my display and advertising. I don't. I do have business cards made with a picture of my display on the front and my address and web address listed on the back. I mostly pass those out to folks who ask about my display...most of them out of town.
  20. I say, I say there, I just love that Foghorn Leghorn!
  21. Make my own...yeah right. Maybe one day. :laughing:
  22. Wesley, Those are stunning! Did you put lights on Pin Pen yet, and if so, did you animate them?
  23. This is just a small part of my small Santa collection. I also have a couple of smaller snowmen and a Rudolph. I love displaying them all together. http://www.myholidaydisplays.com/vb/photos/showphoto.php/photo/1358/cat/537
  24. Carrie, that looks like a truck ran over it! Let us know how things go with UPS.
  25. Thankfully, threads like this make me glad to have a display that's taking up all my time. I wonder if thatcounts as "having a life."
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