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    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
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    I loved decorating from a young age. At around 3 my aunt bought me my first collection of blowmolds; including a Santas Best "Fat Snoman", two TPI Angels, an Empire Polar bear, and a few other pieces. Unfortunately over the years I lost all my original blowmolds, and have been recently trying to collect more again.

    I was born here in Hawaii, and have been living here ever since. I do wish to move to Vegas after college, but we'll see how that goes.
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    *Drawing, art, architecture.

    *Interior decorating, designing, landscaping.

    *Christmas decorating, collecting blowmolds.
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    currently, working at a local supermarket.
  • About my display
    unlike a majority of Hawaii homes, ours is quite large. So decorating is quite a task, but worth it! I pride myself on a quality display; gutters, windows, sides of my house, and my lawn is beutifuly covered in LEDs blowmolds and some inflatables. Despite the fact that Im only 19 I enjoy decorations, however when it comes to decorating, I love going old school; I prefer blowmolds to inflatables, because of their character, and rareity. Due top that LEDs have become a great electric saving solution in my display!

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  1. Very late reply. But thats very cool! Looks to be an old Union products paint mask. Wonder if Cado now owns the actual mold for this mask or perhaps this was one of the molds that was destroyed after Union went under...😯
  2. I usually pair each santa with a mrs. claus or snowman or elf, and set them at varying parts of the yard. Overcrowding one character can be extremely overwhelming and they wont all get seen or appreciated. So, yeah my advice is to pair your multiple santa or mrs. clause or snowman with different characters, that make sense, and avoid over crowding.
  3. they sell'em at Christmas Lights Creations...google it ...shipping may be steep :/
  4. It's probably cheaper to sell these under the WalMart brand "holiday time"...perhaps WalMart purchases the molds by themselves and packages them utilizing there own packaging, to save money. ~ just a thought...
  5. AWESOME! Hope my Kmart has him too! Congrats, he's gonna be an awesome addition
  6. Me too, the skeleton wouldn't have looked so plain. Thanks for the cool pics! Post more if you have'em!
  7. Apparently, like the "Cat on Pumpkin" and "Skeleton and Tombstone" molds, Empire had to change the designs a little for production costs. It's hard to believe that the "Scary Tree" and "Ghoul" never struck up enough interest from retailers to be mass produced, I guess they only wanted the Vampire, Frankenstein and Ghost because that's what they believed customers would actually buy at the time.
  8. Me too...especially the flying witch and that "Ghoul Light-Up"!
  9. Here's a few pieces from Empire Plastics, for Halloween 99'. You'll notice most pieces yet there's a lot that were never made! Imagine if they were ...I wonder if Gen Foam has the molds?? 0.0 (also notice the major variation on the "cat on pumpkin" mold compared to the existing production). - Enjoy!
  10. I see, perhaps there distribution center? Our store here in Hawaii usually carries a decent variety, I'm planning on seeing the new angel and Santa, as we did get a good amount of the new snoopy when he first came out. I'm also hoping to see the Mrs. Claus this year but I doubt it due to her size. :'( Well I hope you have some luck with molds this holiday!
  11. Hey, when you have the chance can you post the pics of what your Kmart is offering for Christmas this year? That'd be great, cause chances are my Kmart would carry the same. I just haven't been able to get down there.
  12. I also used-to find these light cords at Walmart during the holidays, so you may find them there also. They usually stock these because there also used in the pieces for Christmas village sets.
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