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    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
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    I loved decorating from a young age. At around 3 my aunt bought me my first collection of blowmolds; including a Santas Best "Fat Snoman", two TPI Angels, an Empire Polar bear, and a few other pieces. Unfortunately over the years I lost all my original blowmolds, and have been recently trying to collect more again.

    I was born here in Hawaii, and have been living here ever since. I do wish to move to Vegas after college, but we'll see how that goes.
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    *Drawing, art, architecture.

    *Interior decorating, designing, landscaping.

    *Christmas decorating, collecting blowmolds.
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    currently, working at a local supermarket.
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    unlike a majority of Hawaii homes, ours is quite large. So decorating is quite a task, but worth it! I pride myself on a quality display; gutters, windows, sides of my house, and my lawn is beutifuly covered in LEDs blowmolds and some inflatables. Despite the fact that Im only 19 I enjoy decorations, however when it comes to decorating, I love going old school; I prefer blowmolds to inflatables, because of their character, and rareity. Due top that LEDs have become a great electric saving solution in my display!

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