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  1. so who feels like sending some to the Uk for me then ???? As we cant get them here
  2. I have a friend in the UK looking for a blow mold in the like this can anyone give me more info about it and if he can still get it is it a hard one to come buy??? whats the rough cost to get ??? he has the back half but needs the front half any advice would be helpful cheers dan
  3. here is my tester with fire machines controlled with LOR these are canister run flame machines from china and they are so much fun check my video out here
  4. hi Chris and welcome im in Southampton UK and i use LOR for my Halloween and Christmas displays ive heard of syncolights and my first advice would be if your going to do synced christmas lights go for LOR as the after support and the people using are great there are forums with 100`s of members and the quailty is a lt better syncolights only do dc boards and only in 3 or 8 channels if you want anymore info drop me a PM you can see my videos of my display here>> https://www.youtube.com/user/dan75buck/videos?view=0 i also run a group on facebook were all the uk users sha
  5. i used 64 AC and 64 DC channles and 3 ccr`s and this is how it came out thanks to everyone that helped me with ideas and info dan i hope you enjoy
  6. i just did it with S3 created some rgb channels and fillled them in like you would a normal channel and thanks all for your kind words dan
  7. cheers gmac yep first year and first time even using any kind of lighting system and believe me it took me long enough to make and set up that im now bold as i pulled my hair out so many times and thanks for the compliment dan
  8. so guys after many many hours of reading and learning about this hobby i managed to pull of my first charity Halloween evening and it went perfect well flawless i should say and raised a amazing amount of cash .we raised 500 pounds in 1 hour (our first show first night)and we have the week end to go yet and we have more still coming in through paypal through my videos posted on facebook and you tube and i also made the local paper for the biggest halloween house in my area and maybe in the south-coast the links of my mug shot in the paper and the videos follow http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/ne
  9. that's fantastic and looks better than the singing faces i best improve my carpentry skills for next year
  10. great show how many channels ??? would you care to share doctor who and x files seq and mp3 please if so can you email to [email protected] thanks dan
  11. welcome Dave to the world of no return this is the most addictive hobby i have ever found before you go buying lights shop around on-line you can find some right bargains and some good sale prices after Christmas Dan
  12. hi all dan here from southampton 2012 will be my first display 128 channels 64dc and 64 ac 110v and 240v 15,000 leds 45 m rgb 5050 dumbstrips mega tree and leaping arches will hopefully be my highlight of my show also im looking for 25 c9 110v bulbs if anyone has any spare they could sell me orange or purple would be best but ill take any
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