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    47 year old married - with (2) kids - they are now 23 and 20. Memeber of Church Praise Band for 20 years. Work @ BASF Corp. in Seneca, SC (25 years)
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    Oudoorsy junk like fishin and ball sports. Collect Christmas and Halloween decor. Flowers and yard work freak.
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  1. Love the purple eyes of the grinning ghost !
  2. Simply put - incredible.
  3. Good thread IMO - falling molds cause damage sometimes - scuffs at least - which we don't want. I love all of the above ideas. I drill small holes close to the bases and use metal "tent stakes" all arounf the base. However, if the ground is saturated from rains, I've had them to pull up the stakes in high winds. Luckily, I live in a "hole" - so wind is not that much of an issue, normally.
  4. I also have this one, and he's my favorite of all of my snow people !
  5. I luckily nabbed an Ebay GV witch on one of those 1 day auction deals this week. She was worn, and I was gonna do a full strip, until my wife stopped me. My wife's hobby is crafts...etc. - especiaily Holiday crafts, so she asked me to allow her to have a go at the mold with her room of paints.... I was astounded and very, very appreciative.
  6. Should be easy to sub another anything in there - your choice, too ! Great find !
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