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  1. 94-302-vert


    Don't rule out tomorrow (Friday the 1st)... I was in Walmart today and was told tomorrow morning 7am they will be 75% off... I am gonna be there at 7:05 with a carraige or two ready to go...
  2. By the time I caught the difference she had already scanned in 50 boxes... then had to take each out individually, then fix it and ring them all back in... WTH, don't they have an @ key???
  3. I found the $1.89 tickets and then the girl rang them up at $1.19each. Told her about the other price tag ($1.89) and she rang them in at $.91 each... Saved me $20...
  4. In all honesty word of mouth has done wonders for me... The first year was OK then about 3 weeks in it picked up. For my first year I had a 20' tall maga tree and 64 channels... Put stuff where it can be seen... I had lights all the way at the road (I am a ways back from the road). ALso get the vids on youtube or facebook and share them after the season is over and tell people bigger and better for 2010 and they will come... just make sure you stick to your promise...
  5. In short I need to make 55 arches this year... single color 300 lights per (9' of 10' covered)... So show me some ideas on what I can do to wrap them... I was thinking a cordless drill on low with someone controlling it? ideas? what did you do??
  6. How about using clear lights then painting them with the paint from michaels... Stained glass I think it is...
  7. Target has 12' sections of Phillips rope light (LED) around here...
  8. I ran tewo voiceovers in my show mentioning the dontation box. One with a safety message (be careful when going to the box) and the other about the charity... My show is about 30 minutes so these ran about every 15 minutes...
  9. For the past 3 years I have NEVER sealed these ends of my stings on teh mega tree and always hang the lights as you describe. Remember that these connectors are not sealed wo the water that goes into them also comes out of them. I would leave them as is... Just my $0.02...
  10. How about making your own using the paint you get at Michaels that people use on thier mini lights. Honestly I exdperimented with red/green/clear for my halloween display and thought the green looked pretty spooky... Addmas Family:
  11. I typically keep my controllers inside but this may make me want to put a couple outside... 10 cords on the way for me!!! Thanks Guys...
  12. I got lazy and jsut did open/closed but still looks pretty good... Twilight zone: Thriller: Intro to Mr. Crowley: Addams Family: Jump in the Line (Beetlejuice song):
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