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  1. Swap meet molds I'm taking to ACDC, a rel nice Poloron whispering santa. two Beco caroling angels, Union Mrs Clause. GF Snoopy. Santas Best Mickey, Minnie, tigger. pooh, 2 Grand Venture angels. Grand Venture Santa w/toysoldier in sack. six smaller Union candycanes w/bow. Empire red lamp post. Reindeer Crossing mold. And anything else I can fit in my Jeep.
  2. I will also be bringing at least a dozen for the swap meet.
  3. I believe he is Sun Hill also.
  4. Looking forward to seeing everyone at ACDC. I will be doing two demos myself, and I'm honored, First is a secret a lil something that I think are cool and definately will save you some coin. Second one I'm doing is blow molds and incorporating them with computer control. A lil something of both worlds(old school/new school) And lastly THE SWAP MEET! If theres something your interested in or would like to see please let me know. I want to do my best to make your(and mine) trip worth while, informative and FUN!
  5. I just moved here a few months ago so I have no idea where Grand Blanc is. I'm right outside of Greenville if thats close enough. Would be glad to have you visit and see what our first Michigan display turns out like.
  6. Congrats my friend, honored to say I have seen the Cox families display in person and it's great.
  7. sorry it's long gone

  8. Yes, his name is Icey. He's a full blooded Siberian husky.
  9. Sweet finds, I'm jealous wish I could find a fawn!
  10. Nice finds Jay, as for the noses...........grab the wifes hair dryer and a coat hanger. Carefully warm up the nose area while you fish the coat hanger through the light hole. The noses will go right back into place.
  11. Lincoln Lake road is 7 tenths of a mile down the road from me. I've heard alot about the Trufant Flea market but I haven't got there YET!

  12. Creating new things is fun especially with 5 times the frontage that I had back in Ohio. Ten acres here to play with a huge deep two car garage, work shop and a barn........can we say storage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Some nice finds, looks like more than a few if you ask me lol. I on the other hand feel like I'm starting from scratch.
  14. All settled in and thanks good to be around again lol. Working on the display, feels like I'm starting over from scratch.
  15. Nice to see this thread. I have found out I have two of these stores within 30 minutes of my new home here in Michigan, going to have to check them out.
  16. I absolutely LOVE snow
  17. Your a funny man, just as you were when I met you in Pittsburgh at Bob Cox's light up night. I have been running LOR with blow molds for a few years actually last year I ran 14 LOR 16pc's I love taking the new age stuff mixed with old school. Kind of shows my kids what was around when I was their age.
  18. Trash

    I'm Back!!!!!!!

    Hi Scott, we're just outside of Greenville on MacClain. Haven't even heard of Trufant Flea market but I'll be finding out. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Hello !!!!! I just recently moved from eastern Ohio to Michigan. I am a blow mold nut and love Christmas! Just wanted to say hi to all my new neighbors. Dave
  20. Trash

    I'm Back!!!!!!!

    Hmm can ya believe Carrie asked me that same question. I;m sure hoping to.
  21. Trash

    I'm Back!!!!!!!

    Ah ya know me better than that Shawn NO MOLDS LEFT BEHIND.
  22. Trash

    I'm Back!!!!!!!

    Hi Jim, I'm in Gowen Mi a lil north east of Grand Rapids. Few more things to get straightned out at the new place then I'll be starting on the new display. Got to find alot of molds though, nativity(hopefully a lifesize one) sleigh and 9 reindeer. Once I get these I'll move on to more. Poloron choir peeps penguin slide etc all made the trip safely.
  23. Hi gang! It's been awhile but I'm settled into our new home in Michigan. Family is all moved and we're pretty much settled. I have around 3 acres of frontage to play with at the new house OMG weeeeeeee. Bought an old farm house with 10 acres. Barn, work shop. and a huge garage. Can you say holy moly blow mold storage! Made my first yard sale run yesterday morning woth the Mrs. Thought we would drive around and see where things were and of course I hit some yard sales and my first stop I got a Beco mechanical santa. Well I'll I have alot od designing and planning for the new display. Alot of collecting needs to be done because of all the molds I parted with for the move let alone I still couldn't fit eveything so I have some rebuilding to do to replace the stuff I left behind. Lighting up Michigan......... OHIO style!!!!!
  24. The sleigh is an Empire mechanical one the reindeer are 7 Empire and 2 Gen Foam.
  25. Trash

    Mold for sale

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